Incredible Women

 Article and Photography  SuperMom & Volunteer  Beth Boatwright, Emory University School of Medicine

Friends Forever

 Article Sue G Collins | Photography Sue G. Collins, Rob Tipton  Without missing a beat, my sweet friend Melissa invited our daughter to live with them for her senior year when we up and moved to Atlanta. She didn't do it because we were friends. She did it for Jane. Melissa's sincere outpouring of generosity and hospitality runs deep. She…

Designing Woman

 Article Sue G. Collins | Photography Nicole Stephens  Janis Sundquist’s tools of the trade are her measuring tape, color deck and phone. “I’m taking photos constantly and turn to Pinterest too for inspiration.” With a degree from American Intercontinental University in Atlanta and time abroad in London and studying interior design and architecture at Loyola Rome center and Cite University…

Holly and her daughters’ Favorite Things

 Article Sue G. Collins  Hannah's favorite t-shirts-light, sporty and have a flattering cut. or 1800 NE Expy NE, $19.95

A Community Jewel

 Article Sue G Collins | Photography Bubba Carr  After many years as a visual artist working in large-scale paper and mixed media, Susan Saul of Sandy Springs came home to metalsmithing about 16 years ago. Her creative time is split between teaching at Spruill Center for the Arts and her studio. With a personal goal to spend 20-30 hours a…

Spring Cleaning Counts

 Article Bo Gibbs | Photography Christy Lee  Spring is here and If you tackle your finances like your spring cleaning chores,, you should be in a much clearer financial position. I say clearer, not necessarily better, because before you can move forward, especially in finances, you need to know where you are right now. Here’s my suggested financial spring cleaning “to do”…

May 2018 Around Town

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Happy May!

When it come to girlfriends, I’m the luckiest. I hit the jackpot. I have CrossFit girlfriends, summer/lake girlfriends, church girlfriends, journalist girlfriends, neighborhood girlfriends and sister-in-law girlfriends. We have to all work hard to stay close. It’s not easy. And, when we meet after long stretches of time apart, I’m quickly reminded who I am … Continued

May 2018 Around Town

Mart Open to Public You’re invited to Shop the Mart! Come explore all of the latest trends in fashion jewelry and accessories, as well as the best selection and deals on fine jewelry and diamonds. On Floor 6, you’ll find over 50 showrooms featuring loose diamonds, gold and fine jewelry, watches, and menswear. On Floor 7, another … Continued