Hello friends,

What is art to you? A painting that tells a story? A photograph evoking memories? A sculpture revealing personality and emotion? A poem that at first confounds then confirms? A craft that reflects a bygone era, modernized for today’s palate?  Here in Sandy Springs and Dunwoody, we are surrounded by talent, with access to galleries, … Continued

Happy new year, friends

  What does wellness mean to you?   Salads, sit-ups, CBD and sleep? Meditation and meat-free meals? While my fellow magazine editors splash out their trends for 2020 in their January issues, may I jump on the media bandwagon and toss out an idea?   I am going to try to push for more balance … Continued

Happy holidays, friends

This will be my first Christmas with a grandson, the best gift ever.  My babies are 20, 22 and 27 and while they make my heart explode with love and pride every day, it’s little Teddy who will be the star of this year’s holiday season. Lucky for me, he and his parents will make … Continued

I’m thankful for The Bahamas

Last year, I had the pleasure of staying at The Abaco Club. The hospitality was unending and the clear warm water and blue sky embraced me. I wrote to my friends there to ask how they are coping after Hurricane Dorian and how we can help and they sent this report. Hurricane Dorian barreled through … Continued

A note from the founder of Polo in the Pines

In the Spring of 1989, I was 16 years old, my mother, Sharon McCollum Knight, was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer called leiomyosarcoma. She was given six months to live at the age of 37. She survived over 28 years until July 2017. My husband, Matt Fowler, is a 28 year adult survivor … Continued

Hello friends,

Winding down from summer, I can only think about where to go next to find that quiet release that I had at the lake. Waking to a chorus of birds and later in the day, lulled by the cicadas while I lay in the hammock under a thick canopy of pines and cedars. Meeting old … Continued

Hello friends,

Living here in Georgia, our summer continues right into August (and really, into September). Aren’t we lucky?  I know the heat can be a bit overwhelming, but now with the kids back in school, parents can find their own summer groove.  It’s a great time to find your favorite spa, yoga class, coffee spot or … Continued

Happy Fourth, Friends,

When we returned to the USA after living abroad for 13 years, we attended a parade in Salem, Massachusetts near our new home. Pushing a stroller, pregnant with our second, we joined the crowd, still feeling like foreigners in our own country. We had to get used to huge American grocery stores teeming with fresh … Continued

Hello friends,

  This page should be blank. This issue was perilously close to being unpublished, each story unfinished and photos just dangling up in the cloud. I’ve been distracted, detained and otherwise engaged most of the month, my work way down at the bottom of the list of priorities. Sorry, but it’s true. You see, I … Continued

Happy May, Mothers (and all)

    My mom Emily kept a pink Avon lipstick, clear plastic rain hat, white comb, A&P coupons and a few clean tissues in her purse at all times. She wore an apron on Sundays when she made dinner, still dressed for church where she sang in the choir and taught Sunday school.  She served … Continued

Hello friends,

April editor’s letter I hate paper towels. I buy two rolls each year, just before Thanksgiving. With more meals being prepared by more hands in the kitchen, I bow down to the handiness of these earth crushing rectangles of convenient absorbency. The two rolls last until February or so. Then, it’s back to using dish … Continued

Hello friends,

For a story in our sister magazine, BuckHaven Lifestyle, I had the honor of spending the morning with Laura and Rutherford Seydel in their Buckhead home. The two are environmental activists and built the country’s first LEED-certified home 12 years ago. She learned to make the earth a priority from her father, Ted Turner, who … Continued


I used to be a big fan of the engagement announcements in the Sunday New York Times. Those pages were the icing on the tiered cake after reading every word of the Sunday Styles section. The fairytale stories of often unlikely and finally requited love in “Weddings/Celebrations” were often like Hallmark movie scripts. I mean, … Continued

Happy New Year Superstars

I thought rather than wax poetic about the importance of resolutions, sit-ups  or meditation, I’d share a recipe to help your gut. That’s my weak link, you see. When I read Rhiannon Johnson’s review of wellness books this month, Lee Homes’ book caught my eye Her apple cider gummy bears are on our cover. I found silicone … Continued

Happy Holidays, One and All

For the first time ever, my children will not all be under my roof for the holiday.  They are 18, 21 and 26, all independent creative humans. I love being with them, not only because I am their mother, but also because they are interesting, engaging, political, funny and… good helpers in the kitchen.  I … Continued

Happy November friends,

  My mother taught at a cooperative preschool for more than 20 years. She was gentle, cheerful and encouraging. Everything a preschooler (or daughter) needed. On Thanksgiving, we would unwrap the porcelain turkey shaped salt and pepper shakers and she would task me and my sister with the job of making place cards. We would … Continued

Happy fall, friends

october letter     Elevated burgers, craft cocktails, seasonal beers, hand tacos, roasted Brussels sprouts, cauliflower pureé, kimchi this and kale that, farm-to-table here and dock-to-table there. I like all food trends. They are fun and sometimes even tasty. But mostly, trying something new builds our confidence and gives us perspective.   I remember begging … Continued

Looking good, Perimeter!

When I was in eighth grade, my brother gave me a book of fashion photographs by Richard Avedon. This little Midwest girl shopped at The Gap and some other long-gone boutique in the local mall. I was a short tomboy with zero fashion sense but knew that book was something special. The only thing I … Continued

Hello friends,

Don’t judge me. I don’t like cats. They are moody, bossy and aren’t always thoughtful when it comes to choosing the best spot to leave their mark.  But, we have three at our house since everyone else loves cats. And, we’ve always had a cat, adopting them from friends and shelters. Johnny (named after the … Continued

Happy summertime

This issue hits my sweet spot. Summertime. As a kid, I’d ride my 10-speed bike own a dusty dirt road to Colony Swim Club after I’d finished my chores and practiced piano. With a towel, book, PB&J sandwich and a quarter in my backpack, I’d be set for the day. By 5:30pm, my mom and … Continued

Happy Father’s Day, Guys

For this men’s issue, I channeled my dad, Spud Sparling who lived life voraciously and was gregarious, hard working and athletic. He worked hard but played harder. I was the first girl after four boys so I ran faster, climbed higher and just did more, not to keep up with my brothers, but to keep … Continued

Happy May!

When it come to girlfriends, I’m the luckiest. I hit the jackpot. I have CrossFit girlfriends, summer/lake girlfriends, church girlfriends, journalist girlfriends, neighborhood girlfriends and sister-in-law girlfriends. We have to all work hard to stay close. It’s not easy. And, when we meet after long stretches of time apart, I’m quickly reminded who I am … Continued

April 2018 Lifestyle Letter

I probably had kale stuck between my teeth during the entirety of the 20th annual Georgia Organics conference, but nobody seemed to care (or find it off-putting). Farmers, journeymen, health and wellness professionals, chefs, public health workers and farm-to-school administrators from Georgia and the Carolinas gathered in Augusta to celebrate all things agricultural. And, boy do those folks know how…

Guess what, Sandy Springs 
and Dunwoody,

 We are beating the odds.  According to stats from The Association of Magazine Media, not even two of every ten magazines launched survive. We're marking our fifth year publishing next month.  See what I mean?  We’re proud to have found a formula that works. We bring local content to loyal readers who like to shop locally, give back to their…

Howdy PN family,

Writing this in a nearby coffee shop,  I’m surrounded by good energy. People are talking about ideas and sharing inspiring stories about their lives, their goals and their projects. It’s not that I’m eavesdropping. I’m just drawn to others who are full of positive energy, confidence, and enthusiasm. Who isn't?

January 2018 Lifestyle Letter

After talking to personal trainers, coaches and yogis for this new year fitness issue, one common thread ran through our conversations. Having FUN. 

December 2017 Lifestyle Letter

 Happy Hols PNL,  It snowed November 4 in Northern Michigan, dusting my old stomping grounds with the promise of the December holidays. Here in Atlanta, I look for fresh magnolia branches tied with red gingham ribbon and outdoor pots puffed up with red dogwood, vine balls, pine boughs, bittersweet, purple pansies, Redbor kale and cabbages to signal the coming of…

Hello PN Friends,

Home Sweet Home. What makes your home special? My home is full of our collections of books, vintage games, ancient Chinese checkerboards and cool old gumball machines. One of my favorite pieces of furniture is an antique Chinese trousseau cabinet we picked up when we lived in Hong Kong. The merchant explained that the bride's family would pack her personal…


Perimeter North Lifestyle is proud to be a sponsor again for Polo in the Pines, a two-day festival honoring cancer survivors among us and raising funds for much-needed research while celebrating the great sport of polo here in the green Atlanta fields. When our lifestyle guru Sean O'Keefe came to us three years ago and suggested we collaborate with the…

Hey, fashionistas!

When big-time Atlanta fashion journalist and entrepreneur Tova Gelfond (Eide Magazine) paused for a minute to become a mother, we coyly asked if she'd be willing to join our fashion issue as a guest editor. Between moving house (she moved from Sandy Springs to Grant Park recently) and welcoming the precious Ayla, Tova explored a fall fashion outlook for us.…

Happy August!

What was your summer job as a teen? I bet you remember those paydays and the purchases, big (college tuition) and small (that sweater) you paid for with your hard-earned bucks. I was a lifeguard and taught swim lessons every summer, staying at the club after closing hours for...more swimming. We salute all the hard-working teens who are back to…

Happy Summer Friends!

I hope this finds you sipping sweet tea in the shade somewhere that makes you feel like a kid again. Isn’t that what summer is all about? Feeling unencumbered and inspired? I thought I’d keep it simple this month and share this recipe from a cookbook I helped edit in the 1990’s when we lived in Hong Kong. It’s a…

Happy June, Guys!

Last month, we celebrated my beautiful niece’s engagement in Asheville with family and her incoming in-laws. My husband and his brother (the father of the bride) were shushed a few times by other members of the family who could see the trajectory of the night. They were two wound up New Jersey bulls in a china shop. Luckily my niece…

Hello, Sandy Springs and Dunwoody

At the turn of the last century, Americans started to warm to the idea of taking a vacation. While their work ethics were stronger than ever, Americans needed structure to their holidays, purpose to their play. In 1874, American Methodists founded Chautauqua Lake Sunday School Assembly in New York. The Martha’s Vineyard Camp Meeting Association in Oak Bluffs was the…

Congratulations Sandy Springs and Dunwoody

We are thrilled to present our first ever "Best Of" issue, teeming with 50 fabulous businesses that you have chosen as your favorites. We were bowled over to see the tally, more than 8,000 of you chiming in to vote for the shops and services that you visit most often. More than 4,000 people visited our website in January for…

Happy March

My sweet mom used to remind us, March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Growing up in Michigan, we hoped and prayed that was true. By March, we’d had it with shoveling, muddy icicles mucking up wheel wells, freezing grey days and the lack of sunshine. Here in Sandy Springs and Dunwoody, March will mostly…

Greetings friends!

My dad was a small business owner and entrepreneur, working with the Detroit automotive industry for nearly 50 years. His plant did vacuum metalizing and injection molding for the Big Three, cranking out tens of thousands shiny silver Chrysler logos for sedan dashboards, long plastic swooshes for exterior trim on Ford station wagons and occasionally working with a pal to…

Happy New Year

I admit it. I got emotionally involved with one of the stories in this month’s Health & Fitness issue. I got too close. I was a nervous mess before the photo shoot, with butterflies doing a number, my head swimming. Athletes. Dedication, finesse, strength, success.

Happy Holidays

We had a blast shooting this month's feature, "Givers," beautiful portraits by Fredrik Brauer of four people from the community who make giving a priority. Our Givers arrived at the lovely Westin Atlanta Perimeter North (Concourse Parkway) and were greeted by the friendly staff who swept us all off our feet, up to the 2-story suite overlooking the little lake…

November 2016 Lifestyle Letter

I love the cooler weather, don’t you? Last month, we spent a lot of time outside, at Polo in the Pines (raising tens of thousands for CURE Childhood Cancer) and the (free) Friday Night Hike at the Dunwoody Nature Center. I enjoyed meeting so many of you at these events and look forward to more new friendships in the community.…

Stomp the divots with me!

I admit, when we first joined forces with Sean O’Keefe Events, Tina Fowler and the team at Polo in the Pines (October 8 and 9), I panicked. What to wear? How to behave? What is a divot and how does one stomp upon it? 

At the shoot for this month’s feature, Promising Polo, I met players and ponies, sampled the…

Hello Sandy Springs and Dunwoody

Coaches are my heroes. They love their sport, their competitors and communities. In this month's super sporty issue, you'll meet three Dunwoody and Sandy Springs residents who make coaching a priority. Brian Krehmeyer is the head basketball coach at the Wesleyan School. Claudiu Vidulescu is Head Coach with the U.S. Cliimbing Team and Liz Kennedy coaches the varsity girls basketball…

Hello Sandy Springs and Dunwoody,

Starting school in August cheats summer. Growing up in the Midwest, we started back after Labor Day, which signaled the end of fun and the beginning of something less fun.

Happy July

We’ve put together a July issue packed with love, for summer. Alexa Lampasona went the distance and brought us “Three Trails, Three Ways,” for biking, hiking and running on trails around the Perimeter. Most of these paths are shady and offer an opportunity to dip your roasting toes into a cool river or lake, so get outside this month!

Hello, Sandy Springs and Dunwoody!

The perks of this job are numerous. Last month, I travelled to Jacksonville, FL with a pack of regional and national journalists and we surfed, golfed, paddled, kayaked, made candy, toured a century-old underground bank vault, and sipped and savored the flavors of a city building itself up around a fine riverfront and nearby welcoming coastline. The enthusiasm and energy…


You might want to visit Natural Beauty Spa Boutique at Perimeter Mall before your next trip to stock up on creams and serums to keep your skin healthy while you travel. Ask for Ofir and he will give you a special treat when you mention you're a Perimeter North Lifestyle reader. The Blue Pearl eye products from Oceane are under…

It’s spring!

Happy third anniversary to us! We are thankful for your readership during the last three years and are ready for many more! We have a busy month, and know you do, too.

Hello, Culture Vultures!

When my kids "discovered" vinyl, their lives changed. All three now have turntables and are building their own collections. Cool. Sound familiar? What was your first album? I had four much older brothers, teenage rebels in the late 60s and 70s. We had crates and crates full of records in our rec room. The turntable was off-limits to the little…

Hello, Dunwoody and Sandy Springs.

Attending a cooking school recently at The Swag resort in the Great Smoky Mountains of Waynesville, NC, I learned NOT to flip a crepe, season from high above the pan and to hold a sharp knife on the blade between my pointer finger and thumb. Chef Bledsoe taught our small and enthusiastic class how to score and sear a duck…

Happy New Year, 
Sandy Springs and Dunwoody!

I’m not going to hammer you with New Year’s resolution guilt in this letter, or urge you to forgive and forget. I’m sure you’re getting that at every turn. Personally, I set my goals every summer when I head to the lake and review and reset with my friends while sailing and gazing out into the clear deep water. (Uh…