When it comes to making the perfect brunch for family or friends I always consult with my friends at Lucky’s Burgers and Brew.  Lucky’s, a two time Atlanta Polo Brunch Festival Best Brunch Bite winner knows how to feed a crowd. We salute their commitment to Polo in the Pines and are pleased to share their idea for a jumbo handheld to feed a crowd.

Lucky’s Grim Reaper

4 pounds of 80/20 certified Angus ground beef

12 slices of American cheese

12 strips of applewood smoked bacon

12 fried eggs

1 pound of deep-fried onion rings

lots of mayonnaise

1.5-pound challah bun (sesame seeds optional). Or 12 buns.

1. Try to handle the beef as little as possible, the more that you mash and push the beef together the more compressed and tough the final burger will be.

2.  Prep Grim Reaper burger (or, if you must, form into 12 patties), fry those eggs over easy and place in them in a warm oven until you are ready.

3.  Have the onion rings ready. I will usually buy these from my favorite fast food restaurant, I hate to deep fry onion rings at home.  Try to have them delivered just in the nick of time, right when you are assembling the final burger.

4.  Fry the bacon until perfect and keep warm in the oven.

5.  Don’t forget to toast that bun!  A one and a half pound bun will not fit in the toaster so use then oven.  Don’t over toast, the bun is everything! 

10.  If this seems like too much work, you can call Lucky’s Burgers and Brew and book a table at one of their locations and ask for the Grim Reaper.

Have fun and remember to wipe that mouth between bites.