Ravinia’s newest resto boasts best chicken ever.

Have you heard about the Fried Chicken—from Parkwoods? The brand-new restaurant located within the freshly-renovated Crowne Plaza Atlanta Perimeter at Ravinia is helmed by Executive Chef Joe Gentempo. Parkwoods’ menu is filled with timeless and comforting classics rooted in the tradition of regional Southern-American cooking.

One of Parkwoods’ lunch and dinner menu staples is its fried chicken straight from the recipe repertoire of Sous Chef Sanje Harris, who hails from Antigua and moved to the U.S. in 1989. “The first time I made fried chicken the American way, it was way too messy and required too many preparations,” Sanje says. So he adapted his own, Antigua-rooted version, which he brought with him when he started at Parkwoods in 2019.

The chicken:

Many chefs make fried chicken with an egg and milk batter, but Sanje’s method is a little different—he seasons the chicken with only a special blend of garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, & cayenne, brines it for two days, dips it in regular all-purpose flour, then it’s straight to the oil for frying.

 The sides:

Post-fry, Sanje serves up the finished product with sides inspired by the South: braised collard greens, red-eye gravy, a ‘sopping biscuit,’ and a secret pepper sauce that’s a blend of habanero and scotch bonnet (which historically, chefs have to buy overseas—but he’s tracked down a guy who grows them in Atlanta). Sanje preserves the scotch bonnets with vinegar, herbs, and spices so he can use them for his pepper sauce year-round.