As providers at Aesthetic Specialty Centre, we have the opportunity each day to empower women by helping them look and feel like their most confident selves. By offering a variety of treatments that enhance the natural beauty of our patients, we aid in boosting self-esteem and making birthdays slightly less daunting.

Naturally, time passes and the female body changes with each new era of life; however, even though aging is a normal process, it often has negative impacts both physically and mentally, affecting women’s everyday functioning and overall wellbeing. Many women report feeling youthful internally, but their external appearances do not match the vibrant internal personas they want others to see. As a practice, our mission is to ensure women always feel and look their natural selves, just with a touch more confidence, poise and youthfulness. To achieve the ultimate goal of ‘aging gracefully,’ we address female patients’ aging concerns from head to toe with some of our favorite treatments:


Hair Changes

Genetics, hormones, stress, hairstyling and nutrition are all factors that contribute to hair thinning and loss over the years. Fortunately, extensive research has gone into this common aging phenomenon and led to various treatment options that slow the rate of hair loss and promote increased hair growth.

From both a medical and aesthetic viewpoint, our providers work with patients to identify causes of hair loss, correct these underlying triggers, and form individualized treatment plans to restore hair loss. We call it the ASC ‘Inside Out Approach,’ always evaluating patients for internal and external factors promoting hair loss and then treating the condition holistically with these factors in mind. From scalp microneedling treatments to professional grade supplementation programs, we offer a wide variety of options for patients to maximize their hair restoration efforts. Dr. Marc Yune and our other providers are most excited for our newest Sunetics hair restoration laser that is FDA approved for the treatment of female pattern androgenetic hair loss. Without any pain or downtime, this series of laser treatments stimulates dormant hair follicles to grow hair and provides clinically proven outcomes in just a few months. The best part? Most women are candidates for the laser treatment, so thicker and more voluminous hair can be a reality at any age!   


Skin Texture Changes

Thinning, dryness, fine lines, wrinkles, and increased pigmentation are some of the most common complaints our providers hear from women daily. Like any other organ, the anatomy of the skin changes with age, but innate skin changes are compounded by daily sun exposure and other factors such as pregnancy, menopause, climate changes, and daily facial movement. Fortunately, skin texture can be improved by enhancing collagen stimulation and increasing skin cell turnover. An individualized skincare product regimen, daily sunscreen use, microneedling treatments, and a multitude of other treatment options can collectively improve skin texture and promote a more consistent facial glow. Although skin changes are normal with age, developing new moles after your 30s may not be normal, so if you have any concerning skin changes or new lesions, come see our dermatology team for a full body skin check!


Vaginal Changes

Hormones, childbirth, weight fluctuation, increasing age and other factors all promote vaginal laxity. Many times this gradual change of the female anatomy has a functional effect, leading to urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, skin atrophy, and alterations in sexual functioning. The psychological impact of such changes can be particularly challenging for women, as they can drastically affect both quality of life and one’s sense of femininity. Fortunately, ThermiVa emerges as a vaginal rejuvenation treatment that can counteract some of these changes. ThermiVa is a minimally invasive, non-painful treatment that uses radiofrequency to tighten and lubricate the vaginal canal. Ultimately, this helps to enhance sexual function, decrease urinary incontinence, and restore comfort in multiple ways. ThermiVa was just named a 2019 “Most Worth It” procedure by Realself, and our practice can personally attest to patients seeing true differences and results with this incredible treatment.

They say that with age comes more wisdom, joy, strength, maturity, grace and beauty. There is no reason that femininity should not be on this list, as aging can and should bring out the best in women. As females, far too often we ignore ourselves in the midst of life around us and fail to prioritize self-care.

All of the options above are minimally time-consuming and non-invasive, so you can easily fit them into your everyday schedule as a mom, daughter, wife, girlfriend, sister or friend. Take time for yourself to figure out how you can enhance your wellbeing. We are here to help you feel like your best self, both today and for the years to come.