For the first time ever, my children will not all be under my roof for the holiday. 

They are 18, 21 and 26, all independent creative humans. I love being with them, not only because I am their mother, but also because they are interesting, engaging, political, funny and… good helpers in the kitchen. 

I depend on them to keep me current with today’s music. I made a shared playlist on Spotify called, “Mom, listen to this.” Thanks to them, I have Lizzo, SZA, Leon Bridges and Dzihan & Kamien on my phone. (I’ll share a few finds  with you, if you’re interested. Go to: SeeSueGo LifestylePubs V1 on Spotify.)

I’m bracing myself for a holiday without all the chicks in my roost. I’ll invite an otherwise solo friend to the table, so there’s another voice in the conversation and not a sad empty chair in the room. I’ll send a card and loaf of pumpkin bread to my daughter’s boyfriend’s family so there’s a little piece of me there with her. I’ll try not to cry, or if I do, I’ll escape to Kroger to pick up just one more thing and let loose in the car. 

I’m sure your holidays will be different this year. Whether it’s because the faces around your table have changed or because your life has changed. It’s inevitable. Let’s promise each other we will embrace the new and make the day meaningful for those around us. Focusing on others always makes us feel better. Stronger. And, maybe you’ll discover someone new to do the dishes.

From everyone here at Lifestyle Publications, please accept our very best wishes for a warm, healthy and meaningful holiday season.


Enjoy this issue!

xo Sue