october letter



Elevated burgers, craft cocktails, seasonal beers, hand tacos, roasted Brussels sprouts, cauliflower pureé, kimchi this and kale that, farm-to-table here and dock-to-table there. I like all food trends. They are fun and sometimes even tasty. But mostly, trying something new builds our confidence and gives us perspective.


I remember begging my mother to buy individually wrapped processed cheese slices thinking my street cred in the lunch room would significantly improve. No such luck on either front. My mom was dedicated to Koepplinger’s 100% whole wheat bread and natural peanut butter. Cardboard on cardboard. And, rather than the zip top sandwich bags, I’d get wax paper or the basic fold top sandwich bags. 

She was not one for trends, gadgets or even shortcuts. 

I love all three. And, in this issue, our writers have shared favorite gizmos for the kitchen that are playful and practical.  We also asked local chefs to chime in about their go-to meals in and out of their own kitchens.

This month, the Atlanta Polo Brunch Festival promises to again deliver the best breakfast bites from generous restaurants all over Atlanta. Join us on October 14 to watch a great day of polo with fab food from Davio’s, Pastria, Under the Cork Tree, Lucky’s Burgers and Brew, Ormsby’s , Murph’s, Dantanna’s, 1 Kept, The Mill, and Lielby’s. Both this fest and the October 13 Polo in the Pines luncheon (thank you, Capital Grille) and auction benefit Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta pediatric cancer research.  

We look forward to seeing you then to toast to our blessings and bounty.