Sometimes, one of the best features of a home can be found behind closed doors.

In the case of this recently sold, an amazing closet is one of the most memorable features of this Perimeter area home.  Lindsay Levin is  Luxury Collection Specialist with Berkshire Hathaway and she brought this outstanding closet to our attention for this fashion issue and we’re thrilled to take a peek inside. We sat down with Lindsay to ask how we can make our closets picture perfect.  

Lindsay Levin, J.D., MBA, Realtor, Luxury Collection Specialist with Berkshire Hathaway. Agent specializing in home sales in the Buckhead, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Milton areas. A recent feature on me is attached for your reference.  
PNL: Tell us about this fabulous closet and the rest of the house surrounding it.

LL: This one-of-a-kind 1,000 s.f. closet and dressing area was designed to be dazzling different. Beauty, glamour and function were combined to create a purposeful design that features lighting with a touch of feminity, out of season storage areas, cedar closet, 15 glass front shelves for hats and handbags, dressing area with 3-way mirror, luggage storage, accessory storage, jewelry cabinets, 8 drawer banks, 28 hanging clothing racks, 300 pair capacity shoe display, plus several other areas to customize. Daylight from the large window adjacent to the vanity made this closet the perfect and most glamorous location to apply makeup.


PNL:  When people are selling their house, what three tips can you give them for presenting their closet in a favorable light

LL: Sellers need to declutter their linen closets and organize all related items next to each and refold linens so they are going in the same direction.  In clothing closets, sellers need to remove dry cleaning bags, organize clothing by length and then by color within the length. Organizing closets and packing up items that are not being used is a jump start on packing and will also give a buyer the illusion of more space and that the seller is conscientious about maintaining a tidy home.


PNL:  What is your personal go-to organizing tip for people getting ready to list their home?

LL: My stager, Candi Miller, with Recoup Design is a key component of my business. I provide complementary staging services to all of my sellers. Candi and I personally edit every listing and recommend that sellers buy some plastic bins to drop personal items into and moved into a storage area for showings. Some of the common staging suggestions include removing fake floral décor, changing lightbulbs to LED, removing shades from chandeliers and removing area rugs to show off nice hardwood floors.