Served up at Barnsley Resort

This cocktail, from our friends at Barnsley Resort  is prepared in a large batch, perfect for summer entertaining. Added bonus: it’s a frothy beverage that’s vegan friendly thanks to the use of aquafaba in lieu of egg whites. (Your non-vegan guests will never notice the difference). 

Situated just 60 miles outside of Atlanta, on the storybook site of an 1840s estate, the Barnsley Resort welcomes guests to the new Inn. This 3,000-acre resort-meets-playground boasts recreational choices including a world-class Jim Fazio-designed golf course, 26-station sporting clays course, bird hunting at SpringBank Plantation, horseback riding and a spa.

Whoa Black Betty

3 bottles                      Rye Bourbon

1 bottle                        Cocktail & Sons Oleo Saccharum (Citrus Syrup Enriched with Lemongrass, Ginger, and Cardamom)

1 quart                        Fresh squeezed lemon juice

2 pints                         Fresh blackberries 

1 handful                     Cardamom,  muddled

20 leaves                     Fresh mint

5                                  Whole lemon peels

1 gallon                       Aquafaba (chickpea juice)*



Combine first five ingredients in a large serving vessel. “Slap” the mint to release the aromas and squeeze lemon peels to release oils into the batch, then add both to serving container 




To serve:


Dry shake 4 oz. aquafaba per individual cocktail; add 6 oz. of mixture from large batch to shaker along with a scoop of ice. Shake well to incorporate.  Pour into serving glasses using a strainer. Garnish with a whole blackberry, additional mint and/or slice of lemon peel. (Reserve garnish from original ingredients.)




Yields: 32 cocktails




Note: Aquafaba may be created by soaking dry chickpeas overnight and reserving the liquid. A simpler method is to reserve liquid from canned chickpeas!