Summer is in full swing and we all know what that means…  pool party time!  Whether your pool of choice is your backyard, neighborhood, club, or anywhere and everywhere there is water, f-u-n is what we’re all after. This summer, why not take your pool party to the next level with mocktails?  These delicious, alcohol-free, colorful drinks makes the kid in all of us feel like it’s summer.

Any successful pool party has a couple of ingredients (besides the pool of course!):  friends, food, and festivities. But what ties them all together on a super summer hot day or night is definitely the DRINKS!  Who said the adults should have all the fun with colorful frozen or perfectly chilled drink concoctions?  Now everyone can shake it up with mocktails. And it’s easy to see why cleverly named mocktails are popping up all over pools around town this summer – with ingredients like fresh cut seasonal fruit, tangy lemonade, sugar rimmed glasses styled with a licorice straw or a dollop of cotton candy – creativity and taste buds can go just as crazy. 


As my son and I started planning our first backyard pool party, he focused on blow up rafts, however my focus shifted to refreshing and delicious mocktails for all ages to sip and savor.  Fancy a Mango Mule?  Break out the copper cups and add cucumbers, 1oz honey syrup, and 1.5 oz of mango puree, fresh lime juice, and ginger beer.  Or how about a Blueberry Mojito, my son’s all-time fave?  With mint leaves, a handful of blueberry’s muddled combined with ice, club soda, and 2 oz of lime juice and simple syrup this drink definitely puts the “party” in pool party!  I started thinking, the only thing that could make our pool party even more festive (and less work!) would be lucky enough to find professional bartenders on hand to whip up these splashy mocktails.  Enter Little Liquid Angels to the rescue to punch up our first pool party. 

Owner Ishala, who both bartended at Braves stadium corporate boxes as well as owned her private bartending company, noticed the kids were coming up short with the same ol’ same ol’ juice boxes and soft drinks.  She saw how the kids really liked pouring and mixing for each other or watching others do it.  “I thought it was a great idea to start a mocktail bartending business.  It allows my 6-year-old daughter Imani to not only work side by side with me, but to carry on a family legacy of entrepreneurship.  She’s learning how to get creative by both crafting and serving her drink creations to other kids,” says Ishala with a big smile. The mother-daughter in matching outfits shook drink after drink and topped them with fruit, candy and cotton candy.   404.997.0792

Models:  Lexie Halpern, Liam Shepherd, Anthony Witherspoon III