Happy summertime

This issue hits my sweet spot.


As a kid, I’d ride my 10-speed bike own a dusty dirt road to Colony Swim Club after I’d finished my chores and practiced piano.

With a towel, book, PB&J sandwich and a quarter in my backpack, I’d be set for the day. By 5:30pm, my mom and dad would pull up in the station wagon to swim a few laps during adult swim and we’d all head home for dinner on the back porch. Shucking corn with my little sister, both of us slightly sunburnt and smelling of chlorine, we’d listen to the crickets chirping across the dark summer sky.  

Finally falling into bed, with the windows wide open (who needs air conditioning in the midwest in June?), we’d dream of doing it all again the next day.

I hope your summer is magical.