Go Go Gadgets 5

When it comes to tech, men are allowed to say “WOW!” Show me a guy, and chances are it’s a guy that loves the latest in technology. It doesn’t matter if it’s in his golf bag, office, tool shed or on his smartphone; the man in your life deserves the latest and greatest. New and innovative tech devices are heightening consumer lives in unexpected ways. Shining the spotlight on everything from emerging multimedia, mobile usage and user-friendly designs.


Everyday there are new gadgets and tech released for men of all ages. Analysts say we’ve come further in the last five years than the previous 50, and there is no end in sight. Just 50 years ago, we wouldn’t have imagined some of today’s technology, but today’s tech gives us a glimpse of where we are heading. Whether it be virtual or augmented reality, the men in our lives are always on the move, so tech that is “grab and go” is here to stay and becoming more prevalent. Breakthrough technologies will continue to create new value and transform everyday experiences. Ease of use is important as time constraints impact the 24 hours we have in a day and durability is a must as guys connect on that deep level with their favorite devices. Take note, as future technological direction also depends on the habits of millennials and Gen-Xers, so expect trends to be more eco-friendly and there to be increased voice activated apps and devices. Until then, there is enough to satisfy our “early adopters.”


Dell Next Gen XPS 13 Laptop

All the power one needs in an ultra-light 13-inch laptop

Ultimate Ears BLAST Speaker

Bold, immersive 360° sound and voice control on Wifi

Roccat Horde AIMO Keyboard

Membranical® keys for easy typing plus multi-zone RGB illumination

Cobra King F8 Irons with Cobra Connect

A sensor embedded in the grip gives real-time data.


You never need a key or combination with fingerprint padlock.