When it come to girlfriends, I’m the luckiest. I hit the jackpot.

I have CrossFit girlfriends, summer/lake girlfriends, church girlfriends, journalist girlfriends, neighborhood girlfriends and sister-in-law girlfriends. We have to all work hard to stay close. It’s not easy. And, when we meet after long stretches of time apart, I’m quickly reminded who I am with their laughter and listening.

I tell my daughters (two AMAZING young women) not to expect to find everything they need in one person (boyfriend or girlfriend). But, some of my closest girlfriends sure come close to filling me right up to the brim. They make me feel like the best Sue. 

That’s my fabulous friend, Melissa in the photo. She’s my pick for a girlfriend getaway to Hilton Head. Melissa is one of the warmest and most generous people in my life. We talk on the phone while we’re working, driving or doing housework. She’s the one who can bring me out of a funk and dredge up a laugh buried deep. I love her!

In this women’s issue, I’m proud to introduce a handful of women from the community who make life brighter for everyone they meet.  

I hope you’ll fill your days this month with friends who make you feel like the best you. I have a feeling you’re pretty amazing.

xo Sue