A Community Jewel 3

Meet Artist Susan Saul

After many years as a visual artist working in large-scale paper and mixed media, Susan Saul of Sandy Springs came home to metalsmithing about 16 years ago. Her creative time is split between teaching at Spruill Center for the Arts and her studio. With a personal goal to spend 20-30 hours a week at her bench, what appeals to her, aside from the physicality of the work and the opportunity to be a tool-collecting nerd, is that human relationships are essential to her product. “A hand-fabricated work of art jewelry contains my energy and intentions as a maker, yet is only alive and complete when displayed on a physical body. The materials and design features interact with the wearer producing personal, subjective sensations,” said Susan.

We paused with Susan to ask about her life as an artist.

PNL: What makes your studio space work for you?

SS: Though I’d like to have more windows and natural light, the fact that I don’t helps me to focus on my work rather than engage in my favorite distraction of watching the wildlife. I’ve tried to enliven the space with images and objects that I’m fond of or that are meaningful to me.

PNL: How often do you teach at Spruill and what courses will you be teaching this summer?

SS: I teach weekly classes at Spruill, 4 quarters per year, plus 4-8 weekend workshops on special topics. This summer I’m offering intermediate jewelry and metal smithing (Beyond the Basics), independent studies (Metalsmithing Forum and Focus), a mixed media class (Wall Jewelry), plus one workshop (Breaking the Gold Barrier).

PNL: We think Sandy Springs is a magical place to live. How long have you been in here?

SS: 10-plus years, and we love it. My husband’s chiropractic practice is in Sandy Springs as well. I also share my space with my 2 cats, Dorothy and Elphie, who often assist me in the studio and at the computer.

 Susan’s jewelry is available through galleries, a limited number of shows, and by appointment. SusanSaulDesign.com