We are beating the odds.

According to stats from The Association of Magazine Media, not even two of every ten magazines launched survive. We’re marking our fifth year publishing next month.

See what I mean?  We’re proud to have found a formula that works. We bring local content to loyal readers who like to shop locally, give back to their community and engage with their neighbors.  

We love you! And, I depend on you for feedback and story ideas. I am a good listener.

In this month’s Perimeter North Lifestyle, one of our long-time non-profit partners, Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance shared a very special story about their executive director and a  young ovarian cancer survivor whose friendship bloomed into a truly beautiful partnership to help childhood cancer patients. Read about “MT’s get well spells” in our feature pages.

Another reader told us she wanted more recipes. So, we went to our friend, Chef John Metz at Marlow’s Tavern and asked him to dig deep into his personal recipe files and find a dish that reminded him of home. He shared his mom’s meatloaf recipe and we invite you to post your finished dish on our Facebook page with the hashtag, #PerimeterNorthEats and we’ll choose a winner. The top home chef will get a night out at one of our favorite restaurants in the neighborhood. Happy birthday to us!

Keep reading and keep sending me those warm and wonderful story ideas.