It’s officially 2018, and for many of us that means new year resolutions of improved health and nutrition, but many (okay, me) are finding it hard to stay on track. And, with the bone-chilling temperatures that blew in with the new year, high-calorie, warm, comfort food is on our minds.  Luckily, Diced Greens, Dunwoody’s newest juice and health food bar, should have my resolutions back on track in no time.

I found Diced after battling a cold that just wouldn’t go away for a few days during our snowy days in December. I heard from neighbors about the incredible new made-to-order juice bar, and was hoping with the help of some juicing my never-ending cold would find the door. My cold was sent packing, as the incredibly kind manager, Brian Dong, offered up a ginger, carrot, beet and apple combo to set me on the road to recovery.  After two days of watching him turn whole vegetables and fruit into delicious good-for-me juices, I was hooked. So was my 9-year old son, who begged for their fan favorite “Pretty in Pink” with strawberries, pineapple and carrots. Two miracles in one day!

The beauty of Diced is that it’s not just fresh, made-to-order juices. Owner Grant Edwards, previously a Wall Street accountant, saw the need in our community for a restaurant that offered healthier options that fit in everybody’s diet.  Whether you’re dairy free, gluten free or vegan, you’ll find something tasty at Diced. Edwards also knows because people are busy and on the go like his family with three children, it is essential to offer quick, healthy meals packed with nutrition. I found the daily-made soups and build-your-own salad, wrap, or quinoa bowl and veggie options packed with tons of protein. This working mom appreciates when delicious and healthy go hand in hand.

It’s fun to watch whole carrots and apples juiced by the always-smiling Manager Brian, and it’s satisfying to pick out fresh veggies galore to add to a steak salad with dairy-free dressing. 

The menu and good attitudes at Diced will definitely keep my son and me coming back year-round.

1432 Dunwoody Village Pkwy

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Patrons over 55 will receive 20% off their food order on Tuesdays (dine in and carry out only)