Writing this in a nearby coffee shop,  I’m surrounded by good energy. People are talking about ideas and sharing inspiring stories about their lives, their goals and their projects. It’s not that I’m eavesdropping. I’m just drawn to others who are full of positive energy, confidence, and enthusiasm. Who isn’t?

Our writer, Valerie Shepherd (“Squeeze in a Healthy New You”) is that kind of person. As is Nicole Stephens, the photographer whose work you often see on these pages.  These two dynamos are both working mom creatives who make their passion their work.  They are a joy to work with because their attitude sings of “can do” and “I’m on it.”  Music to an editor’s ears. Our editorial assistant, Kendra Gensemer lives her life with positivity and hard work. Lucky me!

I hope you will surround yourself with smart, creative and confident people this month.