Transformation Made Possible in 15 minutes 4

“A New Year, A New You…” or something like that!  Sometimes, the chaos of the holidays doesn’t slow down for months (insert satisfied and exhaused sigh here) But, what if you didn’t have to make time to drive to the gym anymore, set up a training session, or budget for that bulky gym equipment you end up storing in the garage? With Robert Dothard’s at-home or on-the-go workouts, you can make your exercise fit in with your schedule. All you need? A room, a piece of furniture, yourself, a handy exercise and tubed resistance band with handles ($15-$20). Think you could make that happen? Time to test it out!

These workouts are all about the complete body. Whether you’re stuck in the office, an avid golfer, or an on-the-go mommy, you can use these workouts to incorporate shoulders, abs, chest, and back muscles like never before! If you only have 15 minutes to spare, it’s time to set that stopwatch!

Sculpting Shoulders

By stepping on the tubing and holding the handles at hips, start with lateral raises coming straight out towards your sides and work the middle part of the shoulders. Work the front shoulders by shifting to a front shoulder raise in front of your torso. You can adjust the tubing any time to make the tension tougher or easier. 10 reps, twice. Or alternate lateral and front raises a total of 20 reps, twice.

Best Chest

Arrange the tubing around the desk or chair. Have a forward stance, either the left or right foot forward, shoulder width apart. Hold the tubing handles at chest height with tubing behind you and fairly sturdy. Begin doing front extensions / push straight out to work the chest and front shoulder. Can also shift to moving the arms at more of an angle, incorporating the core as well. Hint: act as if you’re squeezing a large yoga ball. It’s the same type of motion. Final option is to come from under your shoulders and start at the hips, and extend towards the chest (most difficult option). Step forward to increase tension. Do either 10 of each, twice. Or, pick your favorite and do three reps of 10.

Back Work

Arrange tubing around a desk or chair and have arms extended forward, holding the tubing in front of your hips. Begin by pulling the tubing handles in towards your hips and then extending forward again to feel the slight pull. These are also called standing lat rows. Your arms can then shift with palms facing the floor and begin extending towards the upper part of your outer thighs, keeping arms almost completely straight in the process (this is a harder version of the initial exercise.)  Do either 10 of each, twice, or pick your favorite and do 10 reps, four times.

Abs, Abs, Abs

Connect tubing handles to the top of your feet with shoes on, having the tubing once again arranged around the arm or leg of a char / table. With knees bent and together, begin extending and then bringing towards your chin, moving up and back to feel your abs working. From this position, you can also remove the band and continue with crunches. Elevating the legs keeps the tension on the lower abs but also incorporates upper ab work.