Four Trainers To Get You in Shape this New Year

CrossFit with Glenn Dorris

CrossFit Dunwoody 

The CrossFit model prides itself on “constantly varied functional movements performed at a high intensity.”  The core concept of CrossFit is that they are always changing and doing new workouts. Of the newest WODs in CrossFit recently, the equipment used or how that equipment is utilized has become a change. From dumbbells to CrossFit boxes, new styles of sleds, Assault Bikes, and more says Glenn Dorris of CrossFit Dunwoody. Dorris says, “What makes CrossFit so unique is that as soon as someone programming workouts sees a trend in their workouts, they know they need to be more varied in their style and types of workouts performed!” At CrossFit Dunwoody, you’ll experience a community of likeminded individuals who work hard to achieve their fitness and health goals. If you’ve been nervous about trying out CrossFit, Dorris assures that “Our coaches are experienced, safety is our top priority, and no matter your level, we modify and tailor workouts to each individuals’ needs.” Dorris is a former collegiate football player for Harvard University and a seasoned long-distance runner. CrossFit brings him back to his conditioning days on the field.  

CrossFit Dunwoody opened in October 2017. It is located at 5525 Chamblee Dunwoody Road.

Yoga with Becky Nickerson

Infinity Yoga

You’ll find yoga studios across town, but Infinity Yoga offers a class you may not find at other studios called “Yoga for Athletes.” The class focuses more on anatomy, mental endurance, and cross training for those athletes who run, swim, bike, or do CrossFit. For those that come to this class, the instructors generally expect you to have run or biked that day so the class is more of a recovery session. The classes focus on restoring the lower body by creating stability in the core, and for endurance athletes that spend so much time doing one specific motion like cycling or running, you’ll end up working some muscles that you don’t generally use and stretching the ones that you use too much. The instructors in the class often spend a portion of the class doing foam rolling, where you’ll put your body weight on thick foam cylinders to deeply massage your muscles.

“We firmly believe yoga is for everyone and everyone is different and needs different things,” says co-founder of Infinity Yoga, Becky Nickerson. “Any athlete would benefit from this class! Who couldn’t use more core stability and hips with more mobility? The class also works on breath efficiency and through this practice we’re able to get “in the zone,” a state of mind that creates mental endurance which you can apply to any sport or task.”

Infinity Yoga has four locations around Atlanta in Buckhead, Brookhaven, Dunwoody and Old Fourth Ward.

TRX with Shelly Dalene

Personal Trainer

One of the most functional workouts these days are TRX classes, but chances are you aren’t doing this workout unless you got to a gym that offers it. That’s because instructors have to be certified to teach TRX so that you learn the proper form and technique of the movements. TRX helps build strength through functional training, using your body weight and adjustment of the bands to determine how challenging the exercises can and should be. These exercises can range from chest presses to squats, to one-legged lunges and suspended planks. Shelly Dalene, a personal trainer, recommends a class because “it commits you to a faster pace, so it’s going to increase the effectiveness of aerobic and anaerobic exercise.” Dalene believes TRX is for every range of fitness and even for rehab. “Everyone, regardless of age, seems to need a little help with their balance, so I help build the muscles in the legs, and throughout the core, which keeps the person physically able to stay on his/her feet.”

Shelly is a personal trainer at The Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta.

Military-Inspired Training with Bernard Pearson

Lanny Branum and Laurie Branum

Hard Exercise Works

Lanny and Laurie Branum see 2018 as the year for functional fitness where every exercise has a purpose: weight training to help build muscles to lift heavy items in the real world.  They also believe people are looking to be a part of something bigger. “A gym shouldn’t just be about working out, it should also be building a supportive community,” says Lanny.

These Georgia Tech grads live in Sandy Springs and have two children. After leading successful corporate careers, they realized that teaching functional fitness was a passion.  HEW (Hard Exercise Works) can be thought of as personal training in a group setting.  Offering multiple group sessions throughout the day, the workouts are all NAVY S.E.A.L. inspired, but can be tailored to any fitness level.  Your first five weeks include nutritional counseling, accountability partners, and a complete profile.  With a different workout planned every day, it not only keeps you interested, but trying new things such as flipping truck tires and climbing ropes.
8560 Holcomb Bridge Rd , #118, Alpharetta. 470.545.0351.