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Get the Smart Home of the Future Today

When you walk into Deborah Pizzuro’s new, two-story townhome, you don’t automatically see technology oozing out. That’s because you’re not supposed to see it. Instead, you see a lovely, well-decorated home that happens to have tons of “smart” features seamlessly integrated into the décor.

Ms. Pizzuro is one of many Perimeter residents opting for a “smart home” to make life simpler and less stressful. She employed the experts at Intuitive AV to add things like automated lighting, wall keypads, app-controlled electronics, and Amazon Alexa-controlled features. These features added significantly to her home’s ambiance.

Perimeter North Lifestyle spent some time with Eric Rasmussen, CEO of Intuitive AV, to learn more about the recent work at Ms. Pizuro’s home, as well as how anyone can make their homes “smart,” too!

PNL: How did you coordinate with esteemed interior designer Amy Ferrer on this project?

ER: We typically have a meeting during the design phase and include the designer to learn the color, location or other requirements we need to meet.  A lot of times, it will be the designer requiring equipment to be hidden or located in a different room. Specific design elements or finishes can have an impact on the end results of the AV system and should always be considered. These are details many companies in our industry may overlook.

PNL: What were the homeowner’s goals and why was home automation important?

ER: The goal was for the system to be seamless and simple to operate.  With that in mind, we used engraved lighting keypads for one-touch recall of common activities. For example, one keypad has a “News” button that automatically turns the TV on to her preferred news channel and activates the in-ceiling speakers to listen to the TV audio. A single press of the “Music” button will toggle through three different playlists with ease.  Adding this type of home automation takes electronics and makes them a seamless part of the lifestyle our clients expect.

PNL: How long does this type of installation take and is it intrusive?

ER: We took about three days with two technicians to complete the bulk of the work. We fully-wired and installed five rooms of home audio, three TV areas, two auto-door locks, lighting control and more. We typically have one follow up visit two to three weeks later to allow for adjustments after the customer has had a chance to “live with” the system. Our technicians are top-notch and work very hard to minimize our footprint in a customer’s home.  We use booties and drop cloths and set proper expectations with the client upfront to make the installation as smooth as possible.

PNL: What are some lesser known tools those with Alexa-capable devices can use?

ER: Alexa can be a powerful tool for home automation.  When thoughtfully integrated, a single “Goodbye” command could lower the thermostat, lock the doors and turn off the lights and TV’s.  Alexa has its own speakers and music capability, but when combined with a whole home music system you can have even better sounding music that plays in sync throughout your home.

PNL: What are the most popular home automation services now available to homeowners?

ER: Home automation is incredibility popular right now. Some of the systems commonly asked for include:

  • • Doorbell and intercom to allow for two-way communication while you are at home or away.
  • • Color changing LED lighting can help set the mood by changing the room’s accent color based on a selected activity.
  • • Auto door locks and alarm system integration are very common requests. Most alarm companies charge monthly to add these features to your system. However, with our automation platform once they are added into the system there are no monthly re-occurring charges.