What's Next 15

Winter is coming…and your wardrobe will be ready with these trends that will have you looking stylish from the first sign of leaves falling all the way through the new year.

Biker Binge

The popular biker jacket from last winter is not going anywhere. In fact, it’s getting amped up a notch with leather and pleather outerwear inspired with more patterns, stitching and feminine touches. Be experimental with your moto manifesto by throwing a classic leather jacket over a maxi dress or jumpsuit. Bring in other expedition elements though leather biker boots and metal studs.

Show ‘em Your Stripes

Stripes remind us of faraway places, like nautical navy lines that take you to beaches unknown. But this season’s stripes are not in the norm — they’re gutsy, bright and come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Having bold lines on your fashion pieces this season will not only amplify your look, but can accentuate your body. Use slenderizing vertical streaks to show off your curves and whittle your waist. Or use horizontal bars to enhance your bustline or hip area.

Turn on the Textures

Fall fashion textures are like an epic mashup of textile’s greatest hits. Velvet has made its return to the limelight to critical acclaim, but is more elevated than last season. The soft, crushed fabric can be found with patterns, shoes and accessories, and worn with suedes and silks. Full lace and mesh will be big as well, carrying from the summer into the winter season and you can wear it in any way, from headbands to handbags.

Heavy Metals

Partially part of an ’80s revival, and also due to a general obsession with shine, metallic fabrics and accessories will steal the spotlight with golds, pewters, silvers and bronze. Don’t be afraid to have fun with these tinny tones even in a casual getup. Metallic sneakers pair perfectly with a disco-ball top or muted dress. However you want to represent this lustrous trend, it’s hard to go wrong, so fully embrace this glitteratti statement.

Collar Chameleon

This fall, it’s all about the neckline, and you can do better than the average turtleneck. Victorian collars with Shakespeare-era ruffles have donned the runways, and it doesn’t stop there. From oversized lapels and lacy ribbons to bows, bows and more bows, feel free to have fun while covering your decollete. And perhaps the best part? You don’t have to worry about a necklace when go you all in on the collar-centric style.

Embroider Me This

Embroidery and embellishment made a splash this summer, and it’s here to stay. The rich stitching and panel detailing draws in the eye, and aren’t limited to florals. Though there’s nothing wrong with romantic red roses and other blooming prints, this fall’s take on embroidery includes anything that gives attention to appliques.