We sat down with the delightful team at Jewelry Artisans to chat about gorgeous jewelry, fashion and family.

PNL: What makes this store so special?

JA: Our team. Jewelry Artisans is a family-owned business and all of our employees have become family and have been with us for many years. We are “yes” people. We go above and beyond to serve our clients in any way we can. Jamie Kresl started working at Jewelry Artisans in 1993 as the store manager and acquired the business in January 2000. He is not only the owner but also participates in all areas of the store especially in our custom design studio. Our Jewelers Bao and Minh are originally from Vietnam and they have been working with us for more than 10 years. Minh’s expertise is repairs and hand fabrication while Bao is our master custom design jeweler that makes all our custom designs possible. They both have the ability to create or restore any type of jewelry. Terry Oemke is our store manager and he has been with us for four years. He is a GIA Diamond Specialist and oversees all our transactions and operational matters. Darci Kresl has been part of the team for 23 years and knows everything there is to know about our operation. Her focus is on sales and prides herself on creating personal relationships converting clients into friends. She is a GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional.

Sarah Ballagh has joined the custom team recently to support the sales team and our growing custom design operation. She has been in the jewelry industry for 10 years. She is an artist and an expert in assisting our client’s with her impeccable customer service skills. Cary (Jamie’s wife) and LaNaya (Jamie’s Mom) also participate in making Jewelry Artisans successful.

PNL: Do you do custom designs?

JA: Beatriz Deirisarri, our head designer, has been working with us for more than 13 years. She is originally from Colombia and combines her previous career in architecture with her Graduated Gemologist degree to create the most amazing custom design pieces. Jamie and Beatriz work as a tight team in every custom job making sure all clients’ expectations are met and all possibilities considered.

PNL: You guys celebrated 11 years in the same location. Congratulations!

JA: This location gave us the presence and traffic we needed to become the Best of Perimeter North. The store was designed per our specifications and it has a warm and welcoming space. Our corporate colors are earthy green and brown and our clients always feel at home with us. We have a spacious showroom, private design consultation rooms, and our clients can see our jewelers working at the bench from the front. We created a kids’ play room and a lounge area with refreshments and hot beverages for companions

PNL: Share a story about a special customer with an unusual request that you made come true.

JA: Oliver came to us in March 2017 with the most special and intricate custom design commission we’ve done. He wanted to celebrate two very special occasions, his wife’s birthday and their 50th anniversary. He specifically wanted some type of re-creation of a vintage diamond choker necklace that once inspired them to travel around Italy following the footsteps of the actors in the movie “The Tourist.” We had a precise budget and tight due date but after three months and countless hours of work we delivered an amazing diamond choker made of 28 separate pieces, had more than 540 round brilliant cut diamonds of assorted sizes and weighted 6.50 ounces of 14 karat white gold. The final delivery was a very special moment for us. When we opened the box to show the piece, our client said, “I wish she knows how much I love her,” and from what we heard, she sure did.

PNL: Tell us about some trends this fall that are making you say, “WOW!”

JA: Chokers, tight necklaces on the base of the neck with fabric and diamond or colored stone accents, dainty yellow gold fashion jewelry and bridal in rose and yellow gold, oversized earrings, dangle earrings and earring climbers. Rustic diamonds and gemstones in hand crafted jewelry. Unique colored gemstones combinations. Multi-layered necklaces in silver, vermeil or non-precious metals. Come take a look!