Happy June, Dunwoody and Sandy Springs

What was your summer job as a teen? I bet you remember those paydays and the purchases, big (college tuition) and small (that sweater) you paid for with your hard-earned bucks.  I was a lifeguard and taught swim lessons every summer, staying at the club after closing hours for…more swimming. We salute all the hard-working teens who are back to school this month and asked a few of our advertisers and friends about their memorable summer gigs.  Have a great month and why not employ a teen the next time you have the chance?





At 16, after being a waiter in a breakfast restaurant (I was pretty terrible), I realized I needed to work my own gig. I made flyers for my “pressure washing business” and did that for three summers. That gave me my entrepreneurial “bug” and intro to running my own business like I do today.

Peter D. Boulden, DMD

I had a couple paper routes when I was 13-14 years old.  It was a great experience  teaching me about customer service.  I had about 50 very particular–and older–customers that each had specific requirements where they wanted their paper. Under a basket, behind a door, in mailbox, etc.  If I wanted to earn tips, I better be punctual and give them exactly what they wanted!

Chris Sears, PLA LEED AP
Sears Smith & Associates, Inc

When I was a teen I was able to perform in both musical theater and opera productions. I was a paid performer in productions like “Beauty and the Beast” and “Guys and Dolls” as well as youth performances of “Carmen” and “Down In The Valley.” This along with winning national talent competitions helped me to acquire over $50,000 in scholarships!

Jenna L. Ellis
Owner. The Goddard Schools

The summer after my first year of college, I was a dishwasher, prep and line cook, bartender, and server for a restaurant in my hometown. To earn as much money for college as possible, I took whatever jobs they would give me. The long hours and different roles gave me the opportunity to learn the value of hard work and that kindness makes all the difference in the world. Also, I learned enough Spanish to add a Spanish major to my degree and became a pretty good cook that summer. I still use those skills nearly 20 years later!

Nicole Fash
Director of Marketing and Communications, Trinity School