Remembering Service 8

To celebrate Independence Day, we asked some of the residents from Somerby Sandy Springs to share a memory of their time serving our great country. These men and women remain busy and engaged at this lovely community, and we were lucky to catch up with them one afternoon. Meet these heroes, who live among us.

Bob Crismond, 91

Motor Machine 2nd Class Petty Officer, Enlisted Feb. 9, Fought in the Invasion Of Okinawa Battle of WWII

Pat Casey,  77

Army Reserve, Colonel

Bill Morrison, 87

U.S. Navy, Lt. Jr. Grade. Served 1952-1956

Korean War, Air Craft Carrier USS Bennington

“I remember we lost 140 men as they were on their way to Korea when their aircraft carrier blew up on its own,” said Mr. Morrison.

Frank Morgan, 90

Entered in 1943 as a Marine Private 1st class retired in the mid 1980’s as a Major in the US Army. Spent 2 years in the Pacific during WWII

Bob Rice, 88

Army 1951-1952, Engineer in the OCS

Martin Nicholes, 94

US Navy WWII, Lieutenant. Stationed in Europe on the USS Gilmore DE 18

When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, his aircraft went immediately through the canal and was sent to the Pacific to fight

Bob Metcalf, 77

Petty Officer 2nd Class. He was a weatherman and was stationed in Newfoundland. He was on the USS Independence CVA 62 and fought in the Bay of Pigs. His greatest memory was getting to see Europe.

From far left standing are Somerby residents Bill Morrison, Bob Metcalf, Ralph Williams, Phil Cohen, Bob Rice, Jerome Blafer , Pat Casey, Bob Crismond. Sitting are Frank Morgan, Marvin Nicholes, Bernyce Stickl with Warren Aldrich standing in front of a model of the John F. Kennedy PT (patrol torpedo) Boat. It took Mr. Aldrich 6 months to construct.