Mother and Daughter both agree: Woodhouse put the AAH in Spa

Mom Says:

When my 20-year-old daughter called from college to say she couldn’t wait to spend her long winter break at home, I did a victory dance, thankful for her decision to hang out with dear old mom and dad. I wanted to plan something special so called Woodhouse Day Spa. Pam Poucher, general manager, sent suggested treatments and Molly and I rubbed our over-worked wintered hands together in anticipation. We arrived at Perimeter Mall an hour early to shop for a birthday gift then headed down the quiet hall into the spa. The warm decor and welcoming staff made us feel immediately at home. We changed into plush robes and slippers and were met by our massage therapists. My Lazy Day Body Treatment started with a body buff massage with organic seaweed to re-energize and re-mineralize my skin. That was just the beginning. The therapist then quietly exited the room and I dipped into the steaming claw-foot tub lined in more seaweed, soothing inflammation with its rich vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Seaweed baths have been used for generations in care and repair of skin and have shown to help against the signs of aging and cellulite. Yes, please! Thoughtful touches made every moment of the treatment relaxing and luxurious. A pitcher of cool water, fresh minty face cloths and dry towels were placed next to the tub.The 80-minute journey continued with a full body massage using exotic seaweed extracts. The soft and experienced touch of the therapist hit all the right spots on my stressed out bod. It was an absolute five-star experience.

Daughter Says:

Going to a spa always makes me feel special. Woodhouse Day Spa was no exception. From an unassuming door next to loads of convenient parking at Perimeter Mall, we entered a pretty foyer and were ushered into a quiet locker room and a lounge with stacks of cookies, trail mix and good vibes. The treatment I enjoyed was an Organic Seaweed Leaf Wrap, where I was first scrubbed with exfoliating ground seaweed and other minerals and then washed over with a warm shower. After, my arms and legs were wrapped in four long pieces of seaweed. Contrary to popular belief, the seaweed smelled amazing and felt warm as I felt the flourish of amino acids into my pores. Once the seaweed was removed, I felt completely rejuvenated and my skin felt soft and pure. But by far the best part of the treatment was the vichy shower. I lay on my the treatment table, face down and had alternating hot (around 80 degrees) and cold (around 50 degrees) water sprayed over my body. The masseuse told me that I was the fifth person to make it all the way through the treatment. And that made me feel extra special.