Burn Boot Camp Lights Up Fitness Scene

They say it takes 66 days to form a new habit, and millions of people promised themselves that 2017 would be the year of personal fitness.  However, motivation is easily lost; old habits die hard.  Only around 8% of those who resolved diet and exercise have stuck with it into this early spring month.

Burn Boot Camp strives for different results.

“To change the body, you must first change the mind!” Burn Boot Camp’s philosophy advocates that true success begins in the mind.  Losing weight isn’t easy, but if one goes into the journey realizing that ups and downs are inevitable and subsequently prepares themselves for those inevitable weak moments, the goal is more easily achieved.  As a result, Burn provides both nutritional and motivational counseling to its members, ensuring that the physical side of boot camp is as effective as possible.

Stephanie Reilly, owner of Burn Boot Camp in Sandy Springs, knows the struggle all too well.  “I purchased my first ‘box’ gym membership in my mid-20s.  When we moved to Alabama, I started various programs there and belonged to more than one gym to accomplish everything I was trying to achieve,” Reilly explained.  “I really never found any one gym that I enjoyed, until Burn.  I need something to keep me motivated, like everyone else, and box gyms were so boring and impersonal.”

Which is exactly why Burn Boot Camp is a successful program.  In addition to the provided counseling, Burn offers nutrition information and meal planning recommendations that are tailored to you and your lifestyle, high intensity interval training, strength training, and community involvement.  Plus, each camp is 45 minutes long, and most offer free childcare.  This unique combination of factors results in a high rate of success Burn members.

“The community feel is definitely the standout difference for me,” said Reilly.  “It was a no-brainer.”

Other members agree.

“Just when I thought I’d tried everything and it just wasn’t in me to be consistent with diet and exercise, I found Burn,” said Bianca Jenkins, Sandy Springs member.  “I have become stronger not only physically, but mentally…I look forward to working out six days a week.”

Mariah Helm is convinced.  “Burn Boot Camp has changed me for the better, with our amazing head trainer and wonderful group of women in our camps.  They have helped me turn my mindset from ‘I can’t go’ to ‘I can and what else do you got for me?’”

“Surrounding yourself with others who can encourage you when you need it most is a key to staying motivated,” Reilly explained.  And motivation is the number 1 key to success, not only in fitness goals but in personal, professional, and recreational goals as well.  So how does one stay motivated as the weeks and months of 2017 pass?

For starters, set attainable goals.  It’s daunting to realize you have 40 pounds to lose; start small.  Once you’ve lost 5 pounds, make a goal to lose the next 5.  Run one mile, then move onto running 3.

Secondly, focus on the positive.  “Celebrating your success, however small, is a big part of changing your mindset.  It will lead to larger victories and make those once out of reach goals more attainable,” Reilly said.

Third, visualize your success.  Hang the bikini you want to fit into in a prominent place so you can see it every day.  Make a note to think about the kind of fun vacation you want to have with your family.  It may seem small, but constantly reminding yourself why you’re on this journey will help you stay motivated.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, find yourself a community.  In addition to making new friends who are on the same journey that you are, a community will hold you accountable, which is key to success.  “At Burn, the trainer knew my name in a week, and other ladies in camp messaged me when I went away on vacation,” Reilly said.

The community feel that so many members mention is reflected in the choice of location, as well.  “Despite Sandy Springs being a part of Atlanta, it still has that close-knit feel to us,” Reilly explained.  “We also loved the lifestyle that is available around the city!”  Reilly herself loves the restaurants in Sandy Springs, including Food 101, the Breadwinner Café, and The Mill.  A new mother and dog owner, she enjoys the numerous parks and recreational areas as well, including Chastain Park and the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area.

Life moves quickly, and goals are only achieved with proper planning and commitment. The right tools for success can make all of the difference, and Burn Boot Camp offers the guidance and support to make your fitness goals a reality. Let yourself be part of the 8% that turn their resolutions into victories, and make 2017 your year for success!
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