Walking past the bright red awning of Brookhaven’s Lucky’s Burger & Brew, one might be caught off guard by the enormous dog bowl and Adirondack chairs for dogs that flank either side of the door to the beloved neighborhood pub.  But take another step or two onto the patio and you’ll quickly see the fun of this restaurant and watering hole is shared with all sorts of regulars. Lucky’s is not just for two-legged patrons, but also their four-legged friends.

Ernie and Diane Guyer own Lucky’s. He smiles and quickly points to the logo with a drawing of his beloved golden retriever, Lucky. “We wanted to open a place that would be a man’s best friend, as well as a place to bring man’s best friend!”  Lucky is always by his side and named after a feeling Guyer has had since 2009.

Guyer is a prostate cancer survivor.  In 2009 he was diagnosed  and sought proton therapy for ten weeks at UF Shands – Health Jacksonville, Florida as opposed to a more traditional treatment course.  During the whirlwind of the diagnosis and treatment decisions, Diane suggested that he take their dog Lucky with him for company since they decided Diana would stay in Atlanta and hold down the fort for the rest of the family.  At first Guyer didn’t think this was a good idea. Working long hours in construction, it was challenging for Ernie to shift during the necessary ten week break to battle cancer. He worried about being able to care for himself AND the dog. Diana knew it would be best for him to have the company.  She was right. “The treatments were scheduled for just a small part of the day and didn’t last long.  So Lucky and I had most of the day to spend together,” said Ernie. “To finish the treatment and have a buddy waiting there for me, consoling and protecting me from the emotional overload, having to shift my focus to him was probably the best thing that could have ever happened.”  It was as if Lucky dog knew what he was there to do, providing the love and support on behalf of the family.  By the end of the ten weeks of proton treatments, the two had gotten into a groove and with Lucky’s good luck, Guyer experienced no complications from the treatments and was on his road to recovery.

The original Lucky dog has since passed, but the couple now has Lucky II, and he’s been just as charmed, if not more so, with the expansion of the burger and beer pubs.

One of the neighborhood’s favorite day at Lucky’s is the annual Second Best Looking Dog Contest.  Why only second best looking?  “Because of course, Lucky will always be number one,” laughs Guyer.

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