Coaches Rule 4


SPORT:  Baseball – Head basketball coach, Wesleyan School

Brian Krehmeyer is one of Dunwoody’s most beloved coaches.  Brian grew up here and lives in Dunwoody with his wife Susannah and ten year old twin boys.  His eyes well up when speaking of coming full circle – having attended Dunwoody High School with a dream of someday being a coach, and realizing that dream today. Marching in the local July Fourth parade, seeing neighbors, family and the kids he had coached, he realizes, “I’m not just a teacher, I’m part of the community.”

Krehmeyer’s professional and personal passion spills over into every team he coaches.  Starting off at Westminster after graduating college, as assisting coach with the football and baseball teams (alongside a previous DHS coach) suited him well, especially since he met his wife – a fellow teacher there.  In 2005 he received a call about a new school that was taking shape. He was asked to take a leap of faith and join the staff at Wesleyan.  Krehmeyer was the perfect fit for a school that values academic, spiritual, and all around excellence. He simultaneously held the position of S.A. coordinator and Defensive Coordinator for football and varsity baseball.  After helping the football team reach the state finals in 2006– 07, and win the state championship in 2008-10, in 2011 he realized something had to give.  “Coaching every day after school and almost every weekend was taking away time from my wife and two young sons.  I knew I had to make some changes.”

So when Krehmeyer got the nod in 2012 to be the head baseball coach – it was an easy choice. Now making decisions instead of suggestions, he helped the boys take home the state championship in 2014.  When asked about his many runs and wins at state championships for both baseball and football, he notes, “Although trophies are great, it’s not what the teams or the coaches will remember – it’s the players on that team.”  Brian Krehmeyer won’t just be remembered as “Coach”, but as the extraordinary neighbor and family man who shared his gifts both on and off the field.


SPORT:  Rock Climbing  – Head Coach U.S. Olympic Team

Rock climbing is gaining popularity here in the U.S. and around the world, and one of the sport’s powerhouses lives right here in Sandy Springs. Born in Romania, Claudiu Vidulescu found his way to the U.S. in 2001 and eventually to our community where he enjoys a host of  incredible natural rock climbing opportunities all within a few hours drive.

Since 2004 he has held the prestigious title, Head Coach of the Youth U.S. Team. However even more illustrious is the title of the 2020 Olympic team coach, should the sport gain approval as a new Olympic sport (which it most likely will)!  Currently 55 countries compete for the world title. “We are all naturally born climbers, it is in our genes,” he says.  He manages the youth programs locally at Stone Summit climbing gyms.

The pillars of scoring rest on bouldering, sport, and speed – and Atlanta climbers are mastering all three with Vidulescu’s knowledge and coaching.  Veronica Muehring is the Dunwoody mother of two children who made the National Team and are headed to China in November for the Youth World Championship. “Coach Vidulescu helped my kids to believe in themselves, giving them confidence and encouragement to rise up to challenges and to dream big.”   Fingers crossed… Sandy Spring’s own Vidulescu helps lead both our Youth National Team this year and our country in 2020 to Olympic gold!


SPORT:  Basketball – Varsity Girls Head Coach, The Lovett School

Liz Kennedy, Lovett’s head girl’s basketball coach has a contagious smile. It’s hard to talk with her and not be cheered. For 11 years, she has taken the Lovett girls team places they never thought they could go.  Two of her students are competing on the U.S.A. national team in Spain this year, one previous student and one a current rising junior, Jenna Brown.

When you meet Kennedy she is all business, but her spirit and warmth shine when she talks about her loves: family, basketball, Lovett, and especially her basketball family. She grew up in upstate New York, attended college in Pennsylvania and was hired as an assistant coach at the college level after graduating. When Lovett reached out to her 11 years ago, she was ecstatic to move to Atlanta.  Little did she know, a few short years later she would meet her life partner Miki who is also softball coach.  They balance coaching and family, raising two young children with ease.

Having brought home Lovett’s first ever Basketball State Championship in 2012, Kennedy is proud that it was the girls that won the impressive title. “The kids put in the work, the coaches put in the work, we all put in the work,” she says, crediting the players first. Always.