Baker 3

Can you think of many things in life better than sinking your teeth into a warm, gooey, fresh-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookie? Well, maybe one thing: knowing that the warm and gooey cookie is made with “better for you ingredients.” But making such a cookie can be a hassle. Rounding up all the ingredients that go into making a “better for you” cookie can be challenging. Before you reach for that log of cookie dough, though, meet Nicole Rhoads – the woman behind Sweet Sassy Molassey Bakeshop in Sandy Springs.

A lifelong baking enthusiast, Rhoads had a career in accounting for more than 10 years. But, the dream of owning her own bakery persisted, and in 2013 she was given the opportunity to pursue it. However, she believed there was an “unmet need for freshly baked goods that are made with nutritious ingredients” so she set out to change that. Now, she only buys organic ingredients, whole grain flours and unrefined sugars.

Sweet Sassy Molassey operates out of Rhoads’ home kitchen, where her two year old son, Ansel, is her “little taste tester.” Ansel is a driving force behind Rhoads’ mission to use wholesome ingredients. She explains, “I care deeply about what he puts in his little body. He inspires my recipes and the ingredients I use.” It doesn’t hurt, either, that he “puts a lot of fun into the equation” as a kitchen sidekick.

Beyond wanting to give the world more nutritious sweet treats, Rhoads also cares about the impact she has on the community and environment. For this reason, she uses fair trade chocolate and other fair trade ingredients when possible. She also donates a portion of her proceeds to No Kid Hungry – an organization with the mission to end childhood hunger. When you buy one of her cookies you’re not just eating good, you’re doing good.

Tempting products in the Sweet Sassy Molassey lineup include classic chocolate chip cookies, “Oh Snap” ginger snap cookies, made with iron-rich molasses and anti-inflammatory fresh ginger, and a variety of cakes, brownies, bars and morning treats.

Currently, Sweet Sassy Molassey has a cottage license which means Rhoads can only sell products in the state of Georgia. You can order her goods online, but only if you live here. You can also find them at the Peachtree Center Farmers Market on Thursdays and at various festivals and events around town. Hang tight, once her son goes to school in a few years she’ll be taking Sweet Sassy Molassey to the “next level” and getting that commercial license.