Making a Gentleman 6


Who is the modern man? He is prepared, pleasant and principled. He is compassionate yet resilient. Tech-savvy but not ignorant of the classics. I asked some friends and readers for their laundry list of what exactly makes a modern man. Here’s what they said. (Add yours to our Facebook page!)

Owns a bow tie and knows how to tie it.
Owns a pair of Happy Socks.
Knows how to make a pink martini.
Owns a pair of slim fit pants.
Leaves a generous tip for his server.
Tosses out his PJ pants and t-shirts when they get unsightly.
Makes the bed if he’s the last one up.
Never says he is “babysitting” his own offspring.
Can navigate any grocery store solo: From nursing pads and Anbesol to shallots and chia seeds.
Can help sew on merit badges on a Scout sash.
Can play poker ’til the wee hours and still drive a morning carpool.
Can change a tire without calling AAA.
Appreciates a beautiful yard and is able to plant and maintain one.
Can hang his own flat screen TV on the wall.
Opens the door for women. And anyone following behind him.


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