A Beautiful World 2

Our photographers’ favorite vacation shots shared.

1 –

Lightning lights up the night sky outside of Brownfield, Texas on Wednesday, July 15, 2015. This photo was taken on the  second night of a month long walkabout across the country. Lightning has always been difficult for me to capture. I have thousands of frames of empty sky so when I actually get a strike, much less three at once, I feel accomplished. Shot with a Nikon D4s. Jonathan Phillips

2 – A new perspective can often be found while on holiday. This time, in northern Michigan, around the 45th parallel. Peaceful and elegant birch trees. Sue G. Collins

3 – Chocolate Hole, St. John, US Virgin Islands. The clear water was warm and inviting. Luckily, it was almost happy hour, so our departure from the beach was soon sweeter. Sue G. Collins

4  When arriving in Ghent, I selected the tour route that would eventually lead me to Gruut, a unique brewery known for using blends of spices known as “gruut” instead of hops to craft their beers. This northwestern Belgian city was one of the most memorable destinations of the entire journey. The occasional rain and cloudiness did nothing to stifle its wonders. This graffiti-laced alleyway called Werregarenstraat aka “Grafitti Street” was absolutely astonishing. Reportedly dating back to 1995’s Ghent Festivities festival, this was declared an official site welcoming artists to freely express themselves and simultaneously curb unauthorized building art throughout the city. I could have literally spent hours in here; its communal level of skill and vibrancy makes this jaw dropping.  Dennis Malcolm Byron

5 This remote island is off the coast of Georgia’s Barrier Island, Sapelo, and it is a National Wildlife Refuge. You can only access the island by boat, and once you’re on the island, you can hike the sandy trails to the beach. This photo was shot from “the Boneyard”, a stretch of Blackbeard Island’s beach where driftwood lies. It reminds me of the ‘elephant graveyard’ in The Lion King. Alexa Lampasona

6  –  Kauai coastline taken during the 60 minute “Kauai Grand” deluxe helicopter tour of Kauai with Island Helicopters. Christy Lee

7 – Stop and listen while on vacation, and you might find you’re being called for a snack. Try it, you’ll probably like it. Shot in Puerto Rico. Scott Areman