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3 Gyms to Try This Spring

You know that feeling after a good workout, where you feel invincible and don’t even care how much you sweat? These gyms give you those feel-good endorphins, along with top-notch classes that kick your butt, and perks like themed classes, free snacks and more. Here’s the scoop on three of OTP’s top gyms.

Concourse Athletic Club

Concourse Athletic Club is just as much gym as it is a lifestyle club. At more than 85,000 square feet, it is one of the largest athletic clubs “OTP” and includes a pool and tennis courts.

Perks: Sports or Recovery Massages are great for after a hard workout. The athletic club has its own “Courtside Restaurant & Cafe” that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a menu ranging from post-workout smoothies to dinnertime burgers and lemon pepper wings.

Programs:  There is a program for everyone at Concourse, where more than 80 instructors and 20 personal trainers specialize in anything ranging from Insanity bootcamp to spin to yoga. Take advantage of the pool at Master’s Swim, which features drills, clinics, and triathlon training, great for former swimmers or those looking to amp up their triathlon swimming. The Kettleworx kettlebell class works the entire body and mixes in interval and cardio training. The Lateral Elliptical.  Most elliptical machines move in a forward motion, but this stationary machine is lateral, promoting the use of hip abductor and adductor muscles-similar to ice skating or skiing but without falling.

Pops: Concourse Athletic Club’s social element is unlike many standard gyms. Members have formed “clubs within the club.” Each department of the athletic club has themes most nights of the week,  like for instance, on Wednesdays after your workout gather for appetizer specials and half-off drinks.

Particulars:  8 Concourse Parkway, 


CycleBar Dunwoody opens in May, and offers a high energy workout in a concert-like atmosphere. The 50-minute high energy classes are dynamic and take place in the CycleTheatre, which offers stadium-style tiers for 50 bikes plus LED lighting, wide-screen graphics and state-of-the-art audio with a DJ booth.

Perks: Concierge service and luxury amenities include free towels, filtered water stations, showers, secure lockers with USB charging ports, and shoes. After class, the gym offers fruit and flavored water along with aromatherapy to encourage relaxation.

Programs: There are four types of CycleBar classes: Classic, Performance, Connect and Theme. Classic is the most popular and offers a perfectly choreographed mix of upper body work, hills and drills—and an intoxicating fusion of mind, body and music. Theme classes offer fun twists on music during rides, like DJ Rides, Mashup Monday, Throwback Thursday, Happy Hour, Brunch, and Concert-style.

Pops:   The Connect class combines the rigor of indoor cycling with the discipline of yoga. Enhanced lighting and soulful CycleBeats transform the CycleTheatre into the perfect place to revive and restore. An added benefit, all CycleBar riders also have access to class music for their own use.

Particulars: 4794 Ashford Dunwoody Road 770.580.4989

KnuckleUp Fitness

Since 1999, KnuckleUp has expanded to four locations, with its newest opening a 13,000-square-foot facility in Sandy Springs. The alternative fitness gym is centered around combat training: kickboxing, mixed martial arts, Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai.

Perks: Consider this your fight club with a regulation-sized boxing ring, more than 1,000 square feet of grappling mat, weighted boxing bags, speed bags, double-end bags and uppercut bags. Traditional gym equipment is also available including cardio and weight machines and free weights. The gym sells martial arts training equipment, exercise drinks such as protein and recovery drinks and KnuckleUp branded apparel

Programs: Start out with a fitness kickboxing class, where you’ll build cardiovascular and resistance training by practicing combinations on a 200-pound bag. As you become comfortable, try out some of the other martial arts classes like Muay Thai, a combat workout that focuses on striking with fists, elbows, knees and feet; or Jiu Jitsu, a form of ground fighting and grappling.

Pops:KnuckleUp’s 40-plus trainers are accomplished in martial arts and hold fitness certifications. Many have been in the ring, and are accomplished, award-winning fighters, such as the lead Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor and eight degree black belt Master Ricardo Murgel and Moe Travis, a 5 time World Champion Muay Thai competitor.

Particulars:  3097 Piedmont Road, 404.444.9444