Splendor Koi 5

Serenity Now, In Your Very Own Backyard

Gazing at beautiful graceful golden fish swimming in a natural pond is an exquisite experience. Calming, spiritual, at one with nature, a koi pond truly is a thing of beauty, and if the pond is installed and maintained properly, a koi pond will provide happiness for years.

Chuck Crisp says enjoying a koi pond is addictive. “You sit there and you start socializing with the fish. They really become family pets. Koi are very social and they’ll eat out of your hand.” He is president of Splendor Koi and Pond.

“We were very careful when we named our business. We went through a thousand different names,” says Chuck. “Our theme is ‘Let us create a place of splendor for you.’ That’s what a koi pond is all about — serenity, contentment, enjoyment. People sit by their ponds and they relax.”

Chuck and his team can help with everything from the initial consultation to designing, building and maintaining the pond and selecting the fish. The store and showroom offer a full line of pond supplies, including filtration systems of all sizes, aeration systems, heaters, skimmers, plumping equipment and leak repair kits. Oh yes, if you want koi, don’t worry! Splendor Koi offers the largest selection of high-quality koi in the Southeast.

The larger investments are the fish as well as a quality filtration systems. “We can sell a four-inch koi for $500 or a 12-inch one for $75,” he says. Crisp hand selects the koi from fish farms. Prices range from $25 to $12,000.

Ponds can be as small as 200 gallons, which he said is perfect for a condo. “A koi pond requires a waste filtration system and must be at least four-feet deep. People break that rule all the time. They think they can just dig a hole, put in liner and you’re done but it’s not that simple. The key is filtration. If it’s done properly, the pond will work well and efficiently; if not, you’ll always have a problem.”

As an example of his integrity, passion for his work and dedication to customers, Chuck, who has spent his entire life in the Marietta area, will not build a pond without a proper filtration system, which can cause algae to grow and fish to die. “When I build you a pond it will be done correctly and filtered properly,” he says.

Chuck, General Manager Isabel Crisp, and the entire staff are highly trained and knowledgeable about maintaining a pond and can even offer advice on the health of a fish. “We do it all. When other pond builders have a problem, they call us. We know all the problems and the solutions,” says Chuck.

He is quick to point out that at a first look, it may seem expensive and complicated setting up a koi pond but he says it is well worth it. “I tell people that you’re building a pond once and you’re only paying for it once but you get to enjoy it for the rest of your life. You reap the benefits all the time. You’re investing in happiness.”