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Valentine Picnics You’ll Fall in Love With

Perhaps the reason why Valentine’s Day falls in February is so that we all have the warmth of love to get us through the last month of a cold winter.  Isn’t it wonderful to think love could, and often times does, get us through the darkest and dreariest of months and times?  But as the years pass it seems Valentine’s Day has become more about the expected roses (check), gift (sometimes check) and reservations (if we’re lucky, check!).  We seem to be spending more on “things” and less on what Valentine’s should truly be about… spending time warming the hearts of your beloveds.

Instead of the expected, how about a Valentine’s Picnic?  Picture this – you, the one(s) you love, surrounded by nature or the warmth of your home, device-free (just a strong suggestion there) connecting and getting back to what really matters.  Luckily for our community, there are local bakeries, shops, gourmet markets, as well as a picnic catering company that take away the guess work so you can focus on getting the love flowing.

Alon’s is a Perimeter area favorite for artisanal bites, offering a diverse wine shop, and of course decadent desserts.  But did you know that Alon’s has a catering department that will pack you all of the perfect ingredients for a picnic to go?  Their “Picnic in the Park” option even includes a chilled rose.   With a beautiful presentation it’s hard not to feel special sharing these goodies.

A staple in Dunwoody for more than 20 years. Wright’s Gourmet Sandwich Shoppe, family owned and operated, is the perfect choice for your more casual picnic fare.  Whether you are having a carpet picnic or one of the outdoor variety, Wright’s can prepare savory sandwich boxes or trays to go.  Personally I am addicted to their Lemonade Cake and am willing to bet your Valentine would flip head over heels for it as well.

Another must for picnics and gourmet meals is E. 48th Street Market in Dunwoody.  This Authentic Italian Market will have your senses on overload, even when the meal is to go.  Offering a special Valentine’s dinner for two again this year, they offer appetizers, entrées, salad, bread, dessert (can you say best Cannoli’s in Atlanta?), a rose, and after dinner Baci (“an Italian kiss”) for the perfect food lovers picnic to go.  They also have a very diverse wine selection and offer you a discount on your bottle with the pre-set Valentine’s dinner.  Oh, did I mention they make their own mozzarella and stuff it with roasted peppers, Italian cold cuts and herbs?  Yes, seriously Italian and seriously delicious.

After presenting some wonderful picnic food options, what would a romantic or fun family Valentine’s picnic be without a posh and beautiful set-up?  Look no further than Atlanta Picnic Caterers.  The owners of this company said after a particularly hard day for their family they sat down under a tree with a picnic to talk out what next to do in life.  Little did they know, that meaningful sit-down would fuel their brilliant business. They decided with our fast paced and technology filled world, we could all use a little more one-on-one together time away from the distractions.  Atlanta Picnic Caterers will set up the most beautiful blanket, pillows, rose petals, and canopy you have ever laid eyes on.  Whatever outdoor setting you come up with, whether a neighborhood park or your backyard, they turn up picnicking a notch by offering different packages (one includes a butler!).  And the best part?  They set everything up and come back to pick it all up – talk about brilliant!

With all of these amazing options, here’s to hoping your Valentine’s Day picnic brings you yummy eats, decadent sweets, visual beauty, and most importantly time with the ones you love most.