Quiet The Noise: A Trail Runner's Path To Hearing God

Personal Trainer, Rami F. Odeh, Enlightens

Originally from New York, Rami Odeh and his wife, Heather, moved to the Dunwoody area 21 years ago after finishing graduate school at the University of Miami. At first the pair worked in Buckhead and Sandy Springs gyms before branching out to provide in-home personal training. Observing the need for a personal training business that hired only degreed and certified trainers, the Odehs found a great space in the heart of Dunwoody and opened the doors of Formwell in 1999.  Since their opening they have worked with some 2000 clients as well as helped start the careers of several area trainers.

Settling into the community and growing as a family, the Odehs have established a number of strong ties. With two children, Ryan 14, and Hana 10, both attending St Jude the Apostle Catholic School in Sandy Springs, they have befriended and now train a number of employees from the church and school. They also work closely with local Applied Kinesiologist, Dr. John Forte and have been formally affiliated with the Diabetes Education and Weight Loss Clinic at Northside Hospital for the past 11 years. They partner with a fantastic local food delivery business, Fresh-N-fit as well as Big Peach Running Company to sponsor a number of events. Being a long-distance runner, Rami Odeh is also very involved in the local ultrarunning club, GUTS (Georgia Ultrarunning and Trail Running Society.)

Rami Odeh began blogging 16 years ago to share his religious and spiritual moments while trail running and racing. After receiving multiple suggestions to write a book from friends and family, he wrote Quiet the Noise: A Trail Runner’s Path to Hearing God, which lead to a second volume recently published and the third volume currently in the final editing stages. Odeh says, “writing and publishing, like exercise, gets easier and more effective the more you do it!” Quiet the Noise discusses how our noisy world distances us from God and peaceful moments. Odeh wants to inspire people to find their own way to quiet this noise, whether it be in nature, dance, exercise, or whatever venue works for them. In Quiet the Noise, Odeh shares his stories and thoughts on running and connecting with God. From his first triathlon, biking in the Dolomite mountains, hiking and ultra training, he shares the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of each trek. He also provides nuggets of personal insights he has gained walking or running with his children. Odeh frequently found himself helping guide his running partners toward their own relationship with God but realized he could reach more people if he wrote his insights and advice in book form.

After one particularly challenging run, a friend vented his frustration and Odeh sympathized and offered encouragement.

“Through running, I have found out how to quiet my turmoil and ‘let God in.’ And on that run I saw this same thing happen to someone else. It made me want to get the message out  to anyone who needs to “get quiet”  and offer a way to do that.”

Filled with pictures, heart-wrenchingly personal stories, and miles of inspiration, Quiet the Noise is so much more than a book about running. It is one man’s personal telling of the universal journey. Each chapter begins with a Bible verse and the book is filled with many verses, quotes, and motivational phrases. A favorite personal quote that Odeh loves, that ultrarunners understand and makes most people scratch their heads is: “it never always gets worse.” Another quote “Choice, not Chance, determines your Destiny” is both a personal and Formwell company favorite. Odeh explains it, “We are all dealt a different set of cards, and only God knows why we have the gifts and challenges he gives us, it is up to us to choose what to do with them.”