Happy New Year, 
Sandy Springs and Dunwoody!

I’m not going to hammer you with New Year’s resolution guilt in this letter, or urge you to forgive and forget. I’m sure you’re getting that at every turn.  Personally, I set my goals every summer when I head to the lake and review and reset with my friends while sailing and gazing out into the clear deep water. (Uh oh, I just realized I only have six more months to get my act together!)

This month, we bring you stories of a local entrepreneurs working to make their dreams come true while honing ideas, talents and products for the modern marketplace.  Dan Siegler of Sandy Springs left his desk job in the rear view mirror and started a specialty smoked salmon business, quickly building a list of fans. He recently hooked up with Griller’s Pride (owned by a friend) and now is purveyor of a delish kosher product.

Reaching for dreams seems to come naturally for the talent over at Act3 Productions. This month, meet Liane LeMaster of Dunwoody who is starring in the upcoming production at the locally fueled talent machine.

Talent runs in the family of  Betsy Pomerantz. When she was growing up in Sandy Springs, she couldn’t have imagined she would team up with her long-time friend Laura Graber to building a high-end clothing store for children, Mitylene. Betsy’s mom,  Juli Bauman helped inspire them as she ran her successful jewelry store, Tassels.

These neighbors are all big thinkers! We love people who inspire us.

What will you do this year to stretch your creativity?  We are behind you 100 percent!