Sandy Springs Modern Magic in the Woods

The large framed crisp black and white photographs lining the two-story wall of the inconspicuous mid-century modern home tucked into a wooded hill along Mt. Vernon Parkway are all by Stephanie Duncan. Gummy smiles of baby Carson (now 7) and Sawyer (3), and shots of happy dad Cuyler hugging his girls.

There are two or three pictures of Stephanie, though, taken by a friend on a special day. “A-day.” The day Stephanie and Cuyler legally adopted Sawyer, raising their hand in pledge at the courthouse. “This changed our life entirely. Changed us at our core,” says Stephanie, stay-at-home mom, lifestyle blogger and stylist. “We are now big supporters of adoptive families and I’ve had the pleasure of helping other couples through the process.  We have become very open, too. And adventurous as a family!”

The Duncans love an adventure and since buying the 2,500 square feet early last year, they have discovered living in a (half) glass house feeds them entirely. The living room pours out into the thick woods at the back of the home, through 20’ wall-to-wall windows along dark polished wood floors and a huge sheep skin carpet . Some of the more important pieces of furniture, favorite accessories and a new king size organic mattress are all products of branding collaborations Stephanie has cured with local companies. The kitchen is beautifully kitted out with restaurant-grade appliances since a former owner was a chef and the Duncans have added their touches by painting annoyingly bright kitchen tile soft grey, replacing dated track lighting with functional mod Ikea shades and dotted the walls with collectibles (ukeleles) and personal art (framed drawings by Stephanie’s architect brother).

A granite wall starts at the front of the property, framing the garage, trailing through the kitchen and family room, adding a cohesive textural component to the home, already teaming with personality, confidence and thoughtful details. A true reflection of the growing family who lives there.

At press time, the Duncans announced Cuyler had accepted a position in Portland, Oregon. The house can be yours and goes on the market this month.

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