Hello, Perimeter North.

In sixth grade, I came home one day to find blue shag carpet newly installed in my bedroom. Down the hall, my little sister was rolling around on her new multi-shade pink shag flooring. Ah, that smell. We were rich, I thought! Mom added a blue patchwork quilt (procured from a fund raising auction at the preschool where she taught), arranged a collage of fish-shaped baskets on my wall, moved a sweet little desk and chair into my room and, voila, the redecoration was complete. Those wicker fish inspired us, launching my fish collection: boxes, pendants, paper weights, tapestries and more. I was a swimmer (though not a Pisces) and had a book about Jacques Cousteau and often dreamed at a young age that I could breathe under water. I loved fish and perhaps my mom picked up on this, instilling a new tradition and teaching me to nest.

Stephanie and Cuyler Duncan have created a beautiful nest-like home for their girls, perched among the trees on a wooded lot on Mt. Vernon Parkway in Sandy Springs. The living room in the mid-century modern home has floor to ceiling windows and the day Samantha Shal shot the home for this month’s feature story, blurry rain drops trailed down the glass wall creating a dreamy scene for us. I hope you like it.

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Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the warm holiday season,