Heavenly (Dog) Bed

Local Hotels That Welcome Pets

Americans own more than 62 million dogs, according to the Travel Industry Association, and 29 million of them bring their pets when they travel. That means that hotels, including many in the Perimeter area, not only accept pets but welcome them with open arms, comfortable beds and treats.

The Westin Atlanta Perimeter on Concourse Pkwy. appreciates its canine visitors and offers them a doggie version of its upscale Heavenly Bed® with piping trim. Many Westin Hotels offer a doggie welcome kit that includes waste bags, rubber gloves, a Westin Collar tag (in case the pet gets lost) and a food and water bowl. They also provide a special door hanger telling housekeeping that there is a pet in the room.

The Sheraton Atlanta Perimeter, which like the Westin is part of Starwood Hotels, also has a special pup bed called Sheraton Sweet Sleeper Beds. The dog beds are custom designed oversized pet pillows, compete with duvet.

Other local hotels that welcome pets are Hyatt Place Atlanta Perimeter, Sonesta ES Suites, Staybridge Suite Atlanta Perimeter, Extended Stay Atlanta Perimeter and Le Meridien Hotel. Each has its own rules regarding how many pets they will accept and the weight.  In addition, each has different charges for allowing a pet in the room as well as the check out cleaning fee. So there are no surprises, it is best to call the hotel ahead of time to see whether they accept pets and and to learn about any special regulations. The Sonesta ES Suites, for instance, requires documentation from a vet that the pet is up-to-date on vacinations.

Dr. Mark R. St. Onge, DVM, and owner of Buckhaven Veterinary Clinic, says the key to success is preparation. “If you’re traveling by air, check the regulations. It’s very common for airlines to require that you have a certificate of health. Now most of the time they don’t ask it, but you don’t want to gamble and get the only person who gets the TSA agent who demands one. Getting it is very simple,” he says.

Anxiety and motion sickness are other problems. Dr. St. Onge recommends not feeding or giving your pet water before the trip. He says there are a variety of medications, such as Cerenia, that can help control vomiting and anxiety. “Sometimes the answer is giving your pet Benadryl but consult your vet for the proper dosage. If you overdose, the worst is that you pet will sleep his butt off.”

He also recommends bringing the routine on the road. If the pet uses a jacket to reduce stress from noise such as thunder, bring it on the trip. If your pet enjoys being in its cage and finds it soothing, take it.

Also, even though you are enjoying the local cuisine, it may not be good for Fido. Bring their regular food. “Just because you’re at the beach doesn’t mean your pet needs to eat crab legs, oysters and shrimp,” he says.

With a little preparation and a great Perimeter area hotel, the entire family will have a fantastic hotel experience.