Dunwoody's First Dogs 2

If you’ve ever wondered what a “dog person” was, spend a few minutes with Dunwoody Mayor Mike Davis and his wife Mary Pat Davis.

Davis may help govern the city of Dunwoody, but it is clear Butternut and Daisy, their beloved 9-year old Pooschon sister pooches rule the roost at home.

Mary Pat Davis says the dogs came into their lives offering comfort right away. “It had been a hard start to that particular year; my father had passed as had our previous dog.”  But Mary Pat’s daughter Carolyn pleaded the case for getting two new pups, not just one, and enter Butternut and Daisy, the dogs with personality plus. The Davis’s have four grown daughters and four grandchildren, but the two dogs are important members of their family.

Mary Pat Davis has a spark of love and humor in her eyes when she speaks of “the girls.”  At home, the two think the deer who wander through their back yard are their best friends and don’t understand why their excitement isn’t matched. “When we go to the dog park they like to sit on the bench and ‘dog watch,’ like people, it’s hilarious.” These dogs just don’t think they are dogs, Mary Pat smiles.

Mayor Davis is proud that the city has such fantastic parks for both people and pets. A true fan of Dunwoody, the mayor boasts the value of the many job opportunities, plentiful executive housing, proximity to Atlanta, walkable neighborhoods and some of the best hospitals in the southeast.

So, where might you find Butternut and Daisy out and about enjoying Dunwoody?  “Our dogs don’t really understand the concept of leashes – so we don’t take them out to eat often – but when we do we love to go to Village Burger and sit outside,” says Mary Pat with a chuckle.