Why I Taught My Mom To Play Baseball

“Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good, too.”- Yogi Berra

My name is Witt Grebe and I love baseball. I started playing baseball when I was 4 years old.  Back then, my mom used to stand on the sidelines and cheer. I was so happy when my mom cheered that I wanted to play longer because I had joy in my body and I felt like I was awesome. It’s good to love something.

When I was 5, I played longer. I practiced and learned how to throw the proper way.  My mom LOVED watching me play and I loved that, too.  When I was 6 (turning 7), I won the season championship. My team was the A’s. My mom encouraged me to be tough on the field and also to be strong. She knew I could handle the championship. Baseball felt right to me.

I turned 8 and continued playing ball. This year was tougher.  Kids were getting older and better. My team had a rough year. We only won 2-3 games. Our whole team played good but we still weren’t the best team out there. That didn’t matter to my mom and me, though. What mattered to me was if I played my best and we had fun. My mom still loved watching me play, like moms do, and I still loved the game of baseball.

The season was over, but I couldn’t forget baseball. Every day that summer, I practiced, no matter the temperature outside. I said to myself, if I’m going to practice baseball at home and continue to play good, I need a person to play with me that never gives up. I picked my mom because she always encourages me and keeps things fun.  I was excited to teach my mom baseball because I am the youngest in my family and this gave me a chance to be in charge for once!

My mom had never played baseball before. Her dad wasn’t around a lot when she was young. He was a fighter pilot at war and she grew up on a military base with books and her sisters. She was very fast but she never got a chance to show it to anyone. I really wanted her to know what it feels like to play baseball. This is why I decided to teach my mom my favorite game.

First, I taught her how to throw, because I needed a pitcher to pitch to me. She’s still working on it.  I used my birthday money to buy a batting tee and rebounder.  I shared the rebounder with my mom so she could learn how to field balls. She has gotten better and better. Practicing really works! Our next lesson is to learn how to hit. By the time I’m done coaching her, she is going to be great. My, oh my, me and my mom love baseball!

Witt Grebe is 8-years old. He and his mother live in Buckhead. Witt plays baseball with NYO at Chastain Park.  He will be in second grade at Morris Brandon Elementary this year.