Get Automated

With summer here and my mind as well as body lagging far behind, I was overjoyed to learn there was a newly opened Planet Beach Automated Spa located in Dunwoody Village. Always one intrigued by something “new,” I thought an automated spa sounded like just what my pale, end-of-school year, worn-out-self needed.

As I checked into the front desk, I was given an overview of the spa, which is open seven days a week to members.  Whether you choose to come in a couple times monthly or every single day, it’s up to you with all of the machines at your fingertips.  Only have 20 minutes and want to listen to a guided meditation in one of the massage chairs?  How about a day where you have time to get a couple treatments to help whittle your middle?  Great – because the motto here seems to be go for it!

Dunwoody Planet Beach Spa currently offers 10 different automated stations each fulfilling one of three main goals:  Relax, Glow, and Renew.  Since I was already “relaxed” (hello, I was kid free for a couple hours) I decided to focus on Glow and Renew.

For my first treatment I spent a relaxing half-hour in their Saunatox – a Detoxing Sauna Bed.  Oh, and did I mention that this was no ordinary sauna because not only was it dry heat, has several settings (mine weight management), but it had a built in tablet where I could listen to Pandora or watch Netflix.  Catching up on Game of Thrones has never been spent in a more time effective way.

Continuing with my mission to “Renew”, I was treated to their most popular automated spa machine, the Hydro-derma Fusion.  With the promise of hydrating skin from head to toe via radiant heat and steam working together while a slight vibration kicked my lymphatic system into high gear, I was more than up for trying this out.  I’m not going to sugar coat it – it was very very (very) hot while laying in my space age looking capsule during the 20-minute service. However, after I stepped out I immediately felt freshly renewed, as well as the scale the next morning seemed to like me better (2 pounds better to be exact).

For my final automated service I was treated to the pbGlow Spray Tan.  In less than five minutes in the automated machine I had transformed into a sun-kissed goddess. I was glowing and freshly moisturized, so much so that the ladies at my son’s swim practice that night asked why my skin looked so good. See one can go from pale and stressed to glowing and renewed in a matter of hours, I’m living proof.

As I left my morning of heaven, I took a spin around the non-intimidating boutique and realized they have their very own line of skin enhancing, tan lengthening, teeth whitening, migraine zapping, and nutritional supplement products (just to name a few).  Yep, gave a new meaning to a one-stop-shop for health both on the inside and out.

I’m thrilled at not only my results, but even more that Planet Beach Automated Spa in Dunwoody is geared for people like me who want advanced services, a non-pressure environment, and the ability to set the time and pace I get my relax, renew or glow on.   Now I’m summer ready – mission accomplished!